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The Kindness of Strangers

TariElfLady - 02 Nov 10 - 12:39 PM

Ch. 20: Author's notes

What a wonderful job you did of filling in the gaps.  This was a most enjoyable read.

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The Kindness of Strangers

thelauderdale - 30 May 11 - 2:50 PM

Ch. 20: Author's notes

This was an excellent story all around, and I enjoyed your notes at the end.  I recognized The Morrigan influence for Morigian's name, and I saw the Irish influences in Fiach and Annan, but I did not know who Fiach or Annan were per se, and I would never have known the meanings for Hrafn or Kruk.

I did wonder about one "loose thread" in form of the Khândian woman, whose presence in Orthanc has formed a running subplot through the story.  The last we ever see of Saruman, he is going to seek her out.  Interestingly, while her place in this story has been a source of distaste, evidencing Saruman's corruption (the exploitation of the disadvantaged, and the snare of lust) it is also the one sign we have left of Saruman's humanity: the sign that he in some way recognizes the woman and cares for her, and even a point of self-recognition: seeing his own failure to learn her name, and seeking to rectify that failure.  I wonder what may have passed between them, beyond the usual, and I wonder what ever happened to her.  Maybe I don't want to know; I suspect it wasn't very happy.  But maybe I infer darkness where there might as easily have been some light.

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