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In Empty Lands

Linaewen - 09 Jun 10 - 6:46 AM

Ch. 18: An Encounter with the Ringbearer

What an amazing chapter!  Thank you so much for making this a dedication to my birthday -- it's just what I was asking for.  Boromir is caught between two cultures here, and working at understanding both -- managing it pretty well on one hand, and then again, not really.

I love that he understands Elvish enough to be able to interpret for Frodo -- makes sense!  And I love the fact that Frodo understands why Boromir might hesitate to give reign to Aragorn -- because of the Sackville-Bagginses, of all people!  Grin

I wish Boromir would actually take to heart the words that both Frodo and Arwen shared with him about the Ring, though!  But I've always wondered whether such advice, coming from those not of his race and experience would really ever have any final sway on his decisions?

I don't know why I have fallen behind in following this tale, it is excellent!  I shall start following it again immediately!

Thanks so much -- Lin

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In Empty Lands

Freyalyn - 10 Jun 10 - 1:21 AM

Ch. 18: An Encounter with the Ringbearer

Oh, I wonder too..... (not).

No, Arwen will fear much less for Aragorn, for she sees straight into his clarity.  But poor Boromir, raised to believe he is the best of the best, unable to do wrong, safe in his own superiority...

I doubt Uncle Paladin truly appreciates just how much correspondence has gone on historically between the Great Smial and Rivendell, actually." Love these little details you throw in, references to others of your tales, or to be embroidered on later.

Thank you.

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In Empty Lands

Ailiniel - 10 Jun 10 - 8:06 AM

Ch. 18: An Encounter with the Ringbearer

What a graceful and ethereal side of Frodo!A nice glance to his past and how wonderfully he gives advice -even though not asked-to Boromir through it.

Also, one of my favourite Arwens so far!Straight-forward words,wisdom, which show that after all,if there were some people in Middle-Earth with knowledge of the Rings,Arwen,grown up by two Ringbearers must have been among them...

And adove all,an Arwen that is not just a lovesick woman,a loyal wife,daughter or devoted mother,but a figure of hidden strength,as she should be,without loosing her lovelingness for a single second.

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