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Hand to Hand

DKP - 13 Mar 09 - 3:26 PM

Ch. 10: Blood-dimmed Tide

[A transcript of Denise's reaction to this chapter.]

"Oh, no. No, no, no…."

"Ugh! How appropriate. Good riddance."

*thrill of hope* "Yes!"

>*despair* "Oh, no! Run! Run!"

"YES!! Yes, yes, yes!" *dance of vengeful glee*


"What the &$%^ is wrong with that Ranger?! Get over there!"


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Hand to Hand

mffantasia - 14 Mar 09 - 11:26 PM

Ch. 10: Blood-dimmed Tide

Adaneth, I will have a heart attack and it is your fault!! How can you stop reight there....Please, update soon...OK, I don't need to tell you that it is a great chapter, but I'm so worry for Dirmaen...and the other men and I hope that she starts to appreciate Dirmaen...Thanks

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Hand to Hand

Elrûn - 15 Mar 09 - 11:19 PM

Ch. 10: Blood-dimmed Tide


yet another cliffhanger! That certainly isn't the kind of embrace I had in mind for Dírmaen... Please show some kindness to both ranger and reader: Your masterfully written story would be so much duller without him...


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Hand to Hand

Adaneth - 19 Mar 09 - 8:11 AM

Ch. 10: Blood-dimmed Tide

*crawls out from under avalanche of RL; clambers to feet, shakes stuff out of hair, picks rocks out of beard--freezes*

You didn't see that.  Wink

[A transcript of Denise's reaction to this chapter.]

Oh--LOL--thank you!  I needed that, and so did my Muse.

I feel for you, dear readers; please don't have a heart attack, Mffantasia.  Really, I do.  But RL has gotten so hectic that I'm less than half of the way through Ch. 15, and I'm trying to make what I've got last until I'll have more time to write.  That means I'm going to keep posting a chapter every two weeks for the foreseeable future.  Sorry, Elrûn--no quick resolution to the Ranger's dilemna.

It's coming.  Hang in there.  Thank you for your appreciation, and most especially your patience.



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