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Hand to Hand

mffantasia - 19 Jun 09 - 8:56 AM

Ch. 17: Men of Peace

Hi Adaneth,

Well, at least here is this impass betweem them, she doesn't trust the elves, but they are allies nonetheless, I hope that this situation help them to trust and know each other and become friends.

So, Dirmaen is still alive, be careful Adaneth, we are watching you...I liked the scene (I know, it is not a movie) when she combs his hair with her fingers, very touching, at least for me, because I know that she was only bieng practical...

I like Coruwi, his compassion and his willing to help, and he has more elves with him, I was thinking the same that Saelon, two elves only? Hope that he can help Dirmaen and I want him staying there...

Want to see the dwarves and elves interaction, that will be good.

you write so well, are you going to write any original story?

Thank you,

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Hand to Hand

Elrûn - 22 Jun 09 - 2:08 AM

Ch. 17: Men of Peace


how good to know the two elves are lending their helping hands - equally sad to know even they are powerless to help poor Tearlag... Fascinating how you turn a formerly desolate place by the sea into a junction where all kinds of people meet... Thank you for this new, fine chapter!


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Hand to Hand

Adaneth - 23 Jun 09 - 12:47 PM

Ch. 17: Men of Peace

Thank you for your comments, Fantasia and Elrûn.  (I will duly consider myself watched.  Wink )

I have written original stories, Fantasia--but when the time came to shop them to publishers, I found the process to be dishearteningly random and bad for my blood pressure.  I have a good--but time-consuming--job that I like very much, so I get more satisfaction from writing for pleasure than trying to figure out what "the market" is buying right now.  My former co-author is still struggling to break through as a professional author; it's hard.

That said, if there are any agents out there interested in science fiction with an ethnographic bent (though not as much as Le Guin), have I got a planet for you . . . .  Wink

Ah, well--their loss, your gain.



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Hand to Hand

DKP - 31 Jul 09 - 6:55 AM

Ch. 17: Men of Peace

I got a huge laugh out of your intro quote vs. the individuals to which it refers - no doubt they themselves would be less amused by the comparison! Lol!

Many enjoyable conversations here: Craec (loved his personality), Dírmaen's baleful petulance, Coruwi's sharp-eyed kindness. Your always-rich details, small and large, give me so much pleasure. (Saelon digging out her shawl, for example.)

Especially lovely and touching: ...she had not known Nyrað well and more recent sorrows pressed on her heart, there seemed a special grief in this, as at a child stillborn. And the melancholy-tinged moment when she and Coruwi stand outside looking at the sea.

"Gwinnor warned me of your merlin's temper." That makes me wonder what else Gwinnor might have said, as well as what Coruwi himself thinks from the Men's visit to Mithlond.

And caught my eye: "Our own folk will soon be coming to this country, so we thank you for the promptness of your warning." Really? Why? Did I forget or miss something from "After Stormy Seas"?

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