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Hand to Hand

Elrûn - 06 Jul 09 - 4:26 AM

Ch. 18: Venturing Forth


The intimacy between Saelon and Veylin is really intense - as is the mistrust between Elves and Dwarves... Now I am looking forward to the celebrations on Tuilérë!


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Hand to Hand

mffantasia - 06 Jul 09 - 8:56 AM

Ch. 18: Venturing Forth

Well, life goes on...you really show the interaction between all the races, their strengh and weakness, I really like to see how Saelon's people is moving forward, if there is one thing to credit humans is perseverance.

Thank you.

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Hand to Hand

Adaneth - 10 Jul 09 - 10:41 AM

Ch. 18: Venturing Forth

The intimacy between Saelon and Veylin is really intense

Oh, probably not intense enough for some people.  Wink  Although Dírmaen would agree with you.

Thank you for your comments, Elrûn and Fantasia!


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Hand to Hand

DKP - 31 Jul 09 - 7:36 AM

Ch. 18: Venturing Forth

*gives three cheers for Sút* You've almost got me feeling very, very sorry for Dwarven men, except that they are, in the end, equal to such strength and fortitude. Though I find Veylin's musings a few paragraphs down to be revealing. While the circumstances for females of Dwarves and Men are very different, I still see tiny threads of similarities running through them.

She did not have the menfolk she deserved. Well, Veylin, she could if she wanted.... *g*

The conversation at Maelchon's was so realistic in tone. I also enjoyed the little snippets of Veylin's Dwarven biases: ...the Elf looked past her, at Veylin, the smoothness of his face as inscrutable as any beard... and She had endured so much, and was not Khazâd. How much more could she bear? (We're a tougher lot than you might think, Veylin!) It all adds up into deeply realistic and believable characters - wonderful, wonderful.

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