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Hand to Hand

DKP - 07 Sep 09 - 11:39 PM

Ch. 22: Meeting of Minds

Ouch! More like a "missing of the minds", really. Very nice intro quote: each of the main characters could use a good dose of it.

It took me a bit to realize that this is some weeks after the previous chapter, but then your timing cues kicked in and the ending became even more bitter...

Very well done chapter, although you leave me terribly frustrated! Though I bear hope for Dírmaen's desires yet, there are so many obstacles, each deeply formidable: his apparently uncontrollable jealousy, Veylin's pride and suspicions (goodness, no, let's not reveal that Dírmaen's opinions of Dwarves have some basis in fact!), Saelon's insistent attacking of Dírmaen. I mean, she *knows* how he feels about her - it seems obvious that Dírmaen will be hard-pressed to be gracious both by virtue of recent illness and having his private chat with her interrupted. Yet even though Veylin prods Dírmaen just as keenly in return, it's Dírmaen that bears the brunt of her scorn.

Really, at this point I'm almost hoping he packs up, hits the road and regains the tenuous peace he knew when away from the lot of them. Hmph.

But you do have me terribly curious about Brassar...

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Hand to Hand

Elrûn - 08 Sep 09 - 6:01 AM

Ch. 22: Meeting of Minds


Although Veylin is just stating the obvious I have to agree with him: Dírmaen has to be madly in infatuated with Saelon if he fails to see how much his behaviour must estrange him from the objective of his desires.  And yes, I am curious about Brassar, too... There must be something else behind Saelon's reluctance to accept Dúnedain authority...


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Hand to Hand

mffantasia - 08 Sep 09 - 9:24 AM

Ch. 22: Meeting of Minds


Poor Dirmaen,  I think that I agree witht thh other ones, I almost, almost, wish him packing and leaving. If she can not appreciate him, I'm sure that other will, but I said "almost". She was quick to lash againts him, but what about Veylin, for first time I wanted him gone too, he is so hard.

I suppose that her anger with Dirmaen is maybe a good sign, that she cares a little, I have always been an optimitic. It seems that people don't really knows how hard and ungrateful is the Rangers' live. I wish to know her past love story...

Well, I'm not feeling to charitable with Saelon today, so I won't comment about her ways.

Thanks and waiting for more, as usual.


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