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Hand to Hand

Elrûn - 08 Mar 10 - 6:21 AM

Ch. 25: Paterfamilias


What a pleasant surprise! I loved to read about the intricacies of dwarvish blood ties as well as the beautiful references to various precious stones. Thank you so much for this new chapter!


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Hand to Hand

mffantasia - 09 Mar 10 - 2:22 PM

Ch. 25: Paterfamilias


So glas that you have posted. I don't have too much time for review (I'm at work) but I wanted to let you know that I'm reading and waiting for your updates.

My, those dwarves are all incredible  business men, I would not like to bargain with them, I'm sure that I will lost.

Thank you

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Hand to Hand

DKP - 12 Mar 10 - 6:50 PM

Ch. 25: Paterfamilias

The contrast between Men and Dwarves is still a bit startling for me: poverty to wealth, bluntness to subtlety. A wonder they ever got along at all during this time period, and perhaps partial reasons why their best alliances happened when Men were on a more equal footing with both regal pride and court intricacies.

As always, incredible descriptions. I'm immediately in this scene, flawlessly shifting into the mood and surroundings.

I really love these glimpses into Veylin's head: his measuring of heirs and formidable king (yes - what is it like to be Reykr and Reynir?), the dance of what to say and how much. And Vitnir. Ugh.

Yet you sometimes bring back an echo of outlandishness in your manner and work that makes folk uneasy. Nice look back at Veylin through his people's eyes.

In short, another fantastic Dwarven chapter, and we know we'll get plenty more with Veylin's return at Midsummer! Yay!

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