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A Bit of Rope

MJ - 12 Apr 09 - 6:03 PM

Ch. 20: The Bridge of the Morgulduin

What lovely "Easter eggs" to find today, new chapters!  Although not lighthearted or pretty (Orc... er... effluent!  Ewwwwh....), very satisfying.  As I once nearly died of a very severe infection, I know only too well the pain and disgusting nature of such things, and you handled this quite realistically (but again, not overly so).  I did not envy Frodo one bit; he is one Hobbit who must have a stomach of iron!  And though I suspected what Gandalf would do to help Frodo complete the quest, I found the site you chose a brilliant stroke -- another bridge.  Ever so appropriate.  I admit, though, I'm a bit curious as to what our poor wizard did in his "last stand." I eagerly look forward to more.


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A Bit of Rope

Larner - 18 Sep 10 - 11:18 AM

Ch. 20: The Bridge of the Morgulduin

I was so surprised to see what it was that Gandalf gave to Sam, but rejoice that he did so.  No--it would NEVER do for Narya the Great to fall into the hands of the servants of Sauron.  And to reveal himself there as he truly is--a spirit of Fire....

A grievous sacrifice, but one he chose willingly.  And hopefully it will take out a good few of those who otherwise might have marched to the siege of Minas Tirith!

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