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A Bit of Rope

Glîrnardir - 06 Aug 11 - 2:58 PM

Ch. 53: Dagor An-Harthiad, Ben-Harthiad

A simply breathtaking chapter!

The conversation with the Mouth of Sauron is something excellent - as you say in the note, it was lifted nearly verbatim from the original in respect of Tolkien, but what I like of your stories is that, although you try to emulate the Professor under several aspects, you always succeed to insert something of your own, making the story more emotional, more close, more alive! Tolkien gave us Middle-earth, but you narrate it realistically and with clearness. The heroes we all know are not so strong and pure as Tolkien pictures them, as seen by the many doubts and inner thoughts you make them do, all this without decreasing their heroism! That is GREAT of you.

I totally love the character of Shârkglub, with his Orcish nobility and bravery. I had a twinge of emotion when I saw him defending the cart with Gandalf. I do hope he will be wholly healed, but alas, maybe that's not possible.

And poor Pippin, too! He survived that troll in the original; let's hope he succeeds also here!

More chapters, more chapters!

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A Bit of Rope

ziggy - 07 Aug 11 - 5:31 AM

Ch. 53: Dagor An-Harthiad, Ben-Harthiad

Ah! You can't leave it here!!!

After all the intensity of the last chapter, this gets us outside into the action. You have used the orginal superbly, weaving your own plotline and  words into it so it feels liek reading the orginal. I love Pippin and his pov- it feels very natural and his perception of Aragorn is wonderful. Elrohir's pov is thought-provoking and sadly observant, so it provides a nice contrast with Pippins.

Hurray for Sharkglub! He deserves his own fic now- you know you want to!

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A Bit of Rope

Larner - 06 Sep 11 - 3:25 AM

Ch. 53: Dagor An-Harthiad, Ben-Harthiad

Still felled by a troll!  Hopefully not squashed flat, though!

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