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The Sell-sword and the Prince

Thanwen - 27 Jun 10 - 11:36 AM

Ch. 14: Chapter 14

" I hope no one says that in front of Sergion, he's liable to run his sword through them."

I have to admit I liked this sentence quite a lot and am eagerly jumping up and down, waiting for the idiot that does!Tongue out

Well, perhaps I shouldn't be that bloodthirsty, but having always had a certain bias for the reliable blokes in the second row, that's to say rather Sam and Halbarad instead of Frodo and Aragorn, I'm afraid you are about to turn me into a Sergion fancier! I even reread your other stories, trying to find some more information about him, unfortunately without finding very much.

And I do like Lady Cuthwith! Poor Ecthelion!Laugh out loud It is so much fun to imagine this scene. And the two of them meeting at the wedding would be another highlight!

Thank you for this nice story and a whole lot of food for my malicious imagination.

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