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The Abduction of Éomer, King of Rohan

kathie1441 - 08 Apr 10 - 12:08 AM

Ch. 12: Chapter 12

Oh no you didn't! You cliffied me a twice in a row!! I know you said you do enjoy cliff hangers but have a heart - twice in a row! Tongue out So the truth is out now. Poor Lothiriel is having something of a bad day, isn't she? Clonked on the head and then she finds out her courier is a king and managed to pass out herself! Still I hope she doesn't drag it out to far, he's been a really good sport for her. Not every King would put up with being kidnapped and dunked, twice now, and humor her runaway dreams as he did. I don't think I expressed that very well, but it's 3AM and I am very tired. I couldn't bring myself to wait though, when the email notification hit my phone I had to log in and read it! Thank you for another excellent chapter. Keep looking after that hand!

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The Abduction of Éomer, King of Rohan

Thanwen - 09 Apr 10 - 6:37 AM

Ch. 12: Chapter 12

I just don't know, is it me overinterpreting, or is there really a much more serious trace in this chapter? For the first time in your lovely story I feel like having to take Lothiriel serious and even to pity her. What a development from the mischievous girl of the beginning!

Certainly she is mentally shaken as a result of her fight with Corethir and perhaps aswell because of her injury, but she cries due to relief that "Leona" is OK! From the moment she recovers, she is concerned about his wellbeing, despite her obvious concussion, and she not only lets him touch her and/or enjoys the more or less accidental moments of bodily contact as before, but embraces him, not because she feels somehow attracted, but because she realises, how much she cares for him. I've got the feeling that here a much more responsible young woman comes to the surface, one we have up to now only seen like momentary flashlights blinking through her "I'm the Princess of Dol Amroth"-attitude.

I think it's quite cruel of you to show her clinging to "Leona" body and soul, thinking of what problems he might have with his king, being so utterly naive on the one hand and intelligent and responsible on the other at the same time, and have Eomer asking her to trust him, knowing all the time he is misleading her. Well, I have to admit that you really managed to portray him as an incarnation of guilty conscience, but my... I don't think being pushed off the pier will be enough punishment! I enjoyed the way you let his feelings show through his body language.

And as for Lothiriel: It's amazing how vulnerable you make her appear even in her fierce confrontation with Leona/Eomer just by keeping her voice low in a situation she would be yelling at the top of her lungs just a few days ago. It really does you proud!

Well, as Firefoot is already present, show some mercy and pack them off to the Houses of Healing before Imrahil gets suspicious and decides to have Eomer's hide! Thank you for one more convincing chapter!

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The Abduction of Éomer, King of Rohan

Bluedot - 11 Apr 10 - 9:45 AM

Ch. 12: Chapter 12

What an ending ... I was cheering and letting out gasps of shock at the same time! I always knew Eomer was going to be in deep trouble once he revealed who he really was, but Lothiriel's agony and pain is quite beyond what I had expected. It completely sits right with the story and I think it shows she has developed and changed even within the short time she has been away. Whilst Eomer's really untimely revelation of who he is has completely thrown her, I suspect she'll get over it soon enough (I certainly hope so!).

Absolutely brilliantly written chapter, I cannot tell you how much I enjoy the story!

Glad you are back to your old writing self - hope the hand is completely better!


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The Abduction of Éomer, King of Rohan

Freyalyn - 14 Apr 10 - 2:39 AM

Ch. 12: Chapter 12

What a cliffie!  But really, it's appalling of Leona, and I think you've now left yourself with a big job of sorting them out.  Lothiririel has put herself in the situation of being stuck with him now, but he's misled her unforgiveably.  How will she ever regard him amicably again? 

Hurry, please?

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