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The Return of the King

elfscribe - 02 Jan 11 - 4:21 PM

General Comment

Hi Jael,

Thought I'd leave the review I left for you at the MEFAs here just for fun.

A brilliantly written story about the aftermath of war as Thranduil returns to Mirkwood after the siege of Barad-dur and the end of the Second Age. Jael does a marvelous job of characterization as Thranduil, still plagued by dreams about the horror he has been through, returns to the comfort of his wife and home, and yet must face the inevitable politics of assuming the kingship. There is a great scene where he goes to his father's study, contemplates the unfinished writing in the book and his father's personality, ponders the last time he removed the signet ring from his father's dead hand, and faces his father's seneschal Helegui, who does not feel Thranduil has what it takes to rule and tells him so. The dialogue here is just masterful. You can feel Thranduil growing into his role and sense that he will not be daunted by his father's shadow and instead will surpass him in wisdom. When Thranduil has his moment of doubt and asks his faithful servant Galion if he is as good a man as his father, I adored Galion's reply: ["No, Sire, you are not." At Thranduil's wounded gasp he quickly continued, "But that is a good thing. My Lord . . . Thranduil, I would follow you into the very pits of Thangorodrim. But I trust you enough to know that you would not lead me there, and in that, you are not your father." ] I completely believe the world Jael writes and love the relationships she portrays so well.

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