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The Sons of Thunder

Imber - 19 Jun 10 - 10:43 AM

Ch. 11: The Hunger

I read this quickly and then had to read it again (such hardship!) so that I knew which was Elladan and which Elrohir. You are tangling things - actions and feelings - so well. Ready for the next now.

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The Sons of Thunder

Azalais - 04 Dec 10 - 3:33 PM

Ch. 11: The Hunger

Fascinating and vivid detail of the surgery in this chapter - and again I love your Gimli and his unselfish, reasonable common sense.

And then - you do like torturing Elves, don't you? To say nothing of your readers! Very dark and very difficult, but very thrilling. I'm not sure which of the three I feel for most and am intrigued to see where you're ultimately taking this aspect of the plot!

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The Sons of Thunder

Narya - 20 Jun 12 - 3:15 PM

Ch. 11: The Hunger

Hi Ziggy!  I decided I couldn't wait for you to finish posting over at Faerie, so I've come to read Sons of Thunder here, now that I have an account :)

This was a wonderful chapter, full of tension and subtle character dynamics.  I loved that Legolas and Gimli weren't quite sure which twin was which, and the intricate details you give about the operation are mesmerising; do you have a medical background, or is it the product of lots of research?  Either way, fabulous job.  I look forwards to reading more.

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