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The Sons of Thunder

curiouswombat - 03 Sep 10 - 1:05 PM

Ch. 18: Cake and ale and smoke

Light and fluffy perhaps - but there is certainly an undercurrent of sadness;  it is almost as if the four Fellowship members in the chapter are all trying to be bright and cheerful for each other...

And we still have Gandalf's plan underlying all, along with the inter-elven relationships... I wonder what gives me the feeling this is just a wee interlude in the angst?  Oh Well

Excellent chapter though!

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The Sons of Thunder

Tanis - 03 Sep 10 - 8:32 PM

Ch. 18: Cake and ale and smoke

Whoooohoooooo!  I'm currently at Dragon Con, but this was the first thing I opened when I got back to the room tonight!  Thank you, Ziggy!!!!!! 

Lovely transition from the intensity of the last chapter to this lighter little feast for these senses.  The foreshawdowing for Legolas is well done, indeed!  And it was delightful to see the visit from the elf and the dwarf cheered up Merry enough that even Pippin felt better. 

How I wish I could read the Silvan dialect and really *hear* the words of the song!  I just adore the personality you've given Legolas; I suspect that from henceforth, your's will be the standard I measure all Legolas stories by.

Thanks for the update, Ziggy!  I'm off to read the next chapter!

A gold star for you!A gold star for you!A gold star for you!A gold star for you!

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The Sons of Thunder

Imber - 04 Sep 10 - 7:52 AM

Ch. 18: Cake and ale and smoke

This is the sort of chapter I love - the characters revealing more of themselves by chatting and generally living their lives. Tolkien gave us the dramatic outline but left so much out.

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The Sons of Thunder

Azalais - 07 Dec 10 - 3:55 PM

Ch. 18: Cake and ale and smoke

As curiouswombat said, it may be fluff but it's fluff with melancholy underlying it: they are all trying just a bit too hard to be cheerful...

Very bittersweet, and lovely for it. Honestly, what is that Elf like?...

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