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The Sons of Thunder

eliza61 - 26 Jul 11 - 4:48 AM

Ch. 33: Chapter 33: Osgiliath

Glad to read another chapter Ziggy.  Really enjoyed the interaction between Gimili, Legolas and Pippin.  It will be a very interesting meeting between Legolas and Elrohir indeed. 

Can't wait.  Eliza

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The Sons of Thunder

Tanis - 26 Jul 11 - 6:40 AM

Ch. 33: Chapter 33: Osgiliath

Oh be still my heart!  A slightly vulnerable Legolas is just my cup of tea and you manage it so beautifully - so that he is neither wimpy nor whiney in his vulnerability.  Mmmmm goood. 

Gimli's mother-henning is also exquisitely crafted, wonderfully realistic and in character for me.  As is your Pippin - so bright and cheerful no matter what adversity threatens.  I adore him!

And again, your use of song is so intrinsic to this entire chapter, of the broken stones of Osgiliath, the song of the Dunedain and the man of Gondor - your descriptions give me goose bumps of pleasure they are so awesome. 

But back to Legolas - this form of torture you've created with Gandalf's silver blue veil in the elf's mind is a thing of shimmering beauty in and of itself.  And I love that you have Legolas feeling his way toward wholeness again, but heeding the warnings of his heart not to tamper with that veil just yet.  Beautifully done! 

Really must get to work now, but what a lovely, lovely way to start my morning. 

Thanks, Ziggy!  And I am holding my breath Wink waiting for the next chapter since you said it wouldnt be long.


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The Sons of Thunder

curiouswombat - 26 Jul 11 - 11:52 AM

Ch. 33: Chapter 33: Osgiliath

So good to have this time focussed on the friendship between the three here and that interlude between Gimli and the stonemasons is a joy.

How right, I feel, Gimli is to tell Legolas some of the 'back-story' - I am sure it is very much the right thing, even if it brought back memories of which Gimli knew nothing.

I like, too, Legolas examining that shimmering silver veil and realising that it might be best for it to not be rent in two just yet.

I am certainly looking forward to seeing where the next chapter will take them all.

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The Sons of Thunder

Cuinwen - 26 Jul 11 - 8:30 PM

Ch. 33: Chapter 33: Osgiliath

This chapter is a nice study of how the world might seem to an elf.  The collision of elf-dwarf-hobbit is interesting, and at first I thought you'd missed a golden opportunity for an inter-species cultural set piece, but that would have detracted from Legolas's all too natural self-absorbtion.

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The Sons of Thunder

Azalais - 28 Jul 11 - 12:49 AM

Ch. 33: Chapter 33: Osgiliath

Your descriptions in this chapter are, as ever, so rich - fallen Osgiliath like a mouth full of broken teeth; Gimli with the stonemasons (wonderful!), Legolas' vivid memories of Elrohir at Pelargir, a tall figure, long black hair whipped by the wind, sable cloak pulled, flattened around him by the same wind, turning on him, nobility turned to savagery, the fire and antipathy of someone he admired and then hard, splitting blows upon his cheek, head, chest...

And yet again powerful, lyrical descriptions of the Song of each being as Legolas hears it. I love the last line!

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