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The Sons of Thunder

AndreaH - 12 Jun 12 - 1:53 PM

Ch. 46: Submission

Ziggy, Ah, how lovely an ending. I particularly liked the sharing of confessions; Legolas has them too of course. As do all of the Fellowship I imagine.

It was fascinating to read as you wrote, and now I'll have to go back and read from the beginning again to appreciate the totality of your tale. Thank you. AndreaH

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The Sons of Thunder

curiouswombat - 12 Jun 12 - 2:29 PM

Ch. 46: Submission

Ah... a very, very, suitable final chapter.  And how fitting that Legolas  was able to ask the right questions and help Elrohir finally find his own absolution - Legolas who has dwelt in the shadow for so very long himself. 

It has been a wonderful road we have travelled with you here - and I look forward to the epilogue - even if the vibes between Elladan and Imrahil worry me for Elladan's  future choices...Frown

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The Sons of Thunder

lisse - 14 Jun 12 - 5:19 AM

Ch. 46: Submission


Wonderful! The end was greater than I expected. I loved that Gandolf took a seat in Elrohir's chair. He knows Elro is not made of glass.


I think Elrohir's confession to Legolas was the most heart wrenching he has gone through. He was just so afraid. And I loved Legolas' reaction. That he too had dark horrible thoughts and had to fight them. I remember back in chapter 10 this same theme was featured. L8 and I talked about the nature of evil for a few hours as a result if I remember correctly. You have captured and written about the slithering  things in all of our minds that scurry under a rock when someone comes too near. It is the nature of higher beings to be attracted and repelled by darkness. You have given us a case study in Elrohir of our own base nature. If your story makes people uncomfortable it is just that it has struck a chord.  And truly good art makes a person feel something deeply, stirs us to wakefulness regarding things that are beautiful perhaps, but also things that are ugly. Your story has stayed with me for days after reading a chapter, and that is rare, happening with only a one or two other authors.


I love the scene in which Elrohir watches Legolas from afar during the celebration of the hobbit's  awakening. I really don't know how they waited this long. Your descriptions of Legolas physically throughout this chapter make me see him more clearly than ever and he is quite a gorgeous sight. Oh dear and Elrohir clutching handfuls of grass and dirt! That subtle little description leaves one with all sorts of yummy things to imagine about these beyond beautiful creatures! Your slash was as bold as I have read from you and I must say you do it very well. I love nasty full on slash and think you should write it as often as possible.


Again, many thanks for the hours of entertainment and for the deeper threads of gold in your masterpiece that are so thought provoking.


I am sad this is the end of your story of Legolas and the Ring War, but I know you will write more and your rewrite of Songs of Rohan does help ease us away from Sons.


Love and Hugs, Candy

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The Sons of Thunder

Aiwendiel - 14 Jun 12 - 2:06 PM

Ch. 46: Submission

Oh, bless me this is a truly fitting ending for a delightful, lusty, passionate and thrilling tale! Mahal's balls, you've got such a touch with these characters -- absolutely true to canon but so richly enhanced by your vision. As I've said many times, I am completely besotted by your Legolas, Elrohir, Elladan, Gimli, Pippin, and of course your wonderful warm wise Gandalf. Thank you so very much for months of enjoyable reading... and now I will have to read it all again! 

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The Sons of Thunder

Tanis - 18 Jun 12 - 4:07 PM

Ch. 46: Submission

ohhhhhhhhhh ... oh oh oh ... such sad words, the end.  I've spent, I think, almost two years following this story, for there were only a few chapters written when I first stumbled upon it in my first months wandering the Rings fandom.  And many long, lovely hours sharpening my sagacity as I attempted to follow and discern the weavings of your mind, Ziggy. 

Congratulations, my friend!  You've accomplished a feat few fan fiction authors manage - finishing a novel-length story without ever losing the focus of the main thread, and giving closure to the story line in a wonderfully beatific manner, yet without becoming sappy.  If you were here on my side of the pond, standing next to me, I would give you a well-dserved pat on the back.  But since you're not, you will have to pat yourself on the back from me.  Kudo's, Ziggy, for your awesomeness.

So, things I loved about this final chapter:  that the entire chapter featured benedictions of the most holy sort - the gift of insight that allowed Legolas to lead Elrohir to finding his own forgiveness (beautifully done, mon ami); Elrohir's turning upon the spindle of fate so he knows his own mind at last and his willing submission to the force of that unstinting love; the little peeks back into what came before so that as a reader I felt wrapped up in the whole fic again, reminded of the pleasure I took in reading each chapter as it came to me;  the excerpts from the book in this last chapter that tied the whole fic into canon and made it - for me - a huge part of my fanon canon; the couple of intense and beautifully wrought love scenes; and as always - everything about your Legolas.  Your choice to have him demand submission of Elrohir as a last act of contrition for the pride that ruled the Noldor elf's actions made me wonder again if you're not in the business of mental health.  I thought it fitting that in asking for the yielding, Legolas offered a kind of balm for the acts of agression Elrohir may have only committed in his heart, but longed to reprieve himself of. 

I loved Gandalf and the hobbits, especially your Pippin, who is so adorable in his wisdom and discretion and overinflated sense of self. 

I just loved it start to finish - but then, that goes for the whole story, in addition to this last chapter!

Ahhhhhh, Ziggy, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the countless hours of pleasure I've derived from this fic.  For the dreams you've engineered that have lingered beyond the hours of darkness.  For the gift of your words and images that have evoked a sense of Noldor vs Wood elf that I will carry with me forever.  For the inaudible symphony of elven song that will follow me for the rest of my days. 

I'm suspect this will no longer qualify for Mature status over at the MEFA awards, since it now has definite R-rated bits, but know that you are a winner in my book.  The Sons of Thunder will be a standard bearer for me that all other Tolkien fan fic stories will have to measure up to.

hannon le, mellon nin,


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