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Recollections of a Dunedain Ranger

MirielOfGisborne - 07 Jan 14 - 6:53 AM

Ch. 2: The Battles of the Fords of Isen

It's good to get the story of the battle that Theodred had been engaged in and that he returns wounded from when we see him in "Two Towers". And what I particularly enjoy about this story is the personal point of view, the fact that the reality of that very important battle is filtered through a character's consciousness. It gives depth to the whole experience and serves to draw readers in to the harsh reality of battle.

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Recollections of a Dunedain Ranger

MirielOfGisborne - 07 Jan 14 - 7:57 AM

Ch. 3: A Brief Reunion

What a heartfelt tale of family and sacrifice! Again, I love the personal way of looking at a soldier's life, their loss of connection to their families and the pain ensuing from that for both parties, as well as the grimness of prospective battle and life on the road. The bittersweet reunion between brother and sister was very emotional, especially because of the mention that they used to be close and that their mother has lost contact with most of her sons. That gives weight to Hanasian's personal sacrifice in his following Aragorn into battle.

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Recollections of a Dunedain Ranger

MirielOfGisborne - 07 Jan 14 - 8:20 AM

Ch. 4: Battle of the Pelennor - The Aftermath...

I love the idea of someone paying respect to those who gave their lives to protect Middle Earth by writing in their name and giving an account of the battles they fought. Again, you manage to reflect the harsh reality of that very well, especially in the first paragraph where you talk of the smell of death and of people looking for their loved ones. The entire story reveals the human dimension and the tragedy of war. The description of 'men fighting men' works very well for that, as does the narrator's personal experience of receiving and inflicting wounds.

I was also very moved by Hanasian's interactions with the wounded men. What do you say to them indeed?

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