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Thanwen - 09 Jan 11 - 4:11 AM

Ch. 1: Prophesy Part I

You really know how to build up some tension! What a dramatic entrance!

Though you leave me with a quite prominent feeling of uneasiness: "years of despair", "choice - but at what cost"... that with the mentioning of what the Valar will charge for the boon to save a king, and last but not least Lothíriel's order:"Hulde, you will say nothing.", do not bode well.

And it is upright mean for an action-addict like me to be left with such a cliff hanger, closing the chapter at the very start of a charge! That makes me mad!

Please, do update soon, just to soothe my nerves!

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Thanwen - 18 Jan 11 - 8:25 AM

Ch. 2: Prophesy Part II

Some people really should get a good thrashing for their stupidity if they weren't already injured! And the very same man rebukes his squire for "heroics"! Men!That makes me mad!

Ah well, at least we know he'll have the fool's luck and will survive, but as in RL his wife is going to pay for it!

Don't let yourself be bluffed by an old biddy, shaking her head at the young ones antics!

I truely enjoyed the action, the convincing facts on warfare and the insight into the psyche of the Rohirrim in the second chapter as well as the logical way you develop the story lines and just hope, the next one will bring up Lothíriel to treat him.

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Ithilatta - 18 Jul 11 - 11:47 AM

Ch. 10: Celebration Part 11

oh my.... Lothiriel encounters a completely foreign culture.

I hope, Erchi and Inayahs story continues.

Love it.


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Ithilatta - 29 Jul 11 - 11:15 PM

Ch. 11: Celebration Part III

Yeah! What a nice chapter to wake up to.

*big grin* Poor Erchi is goint to have LOTS of children, isn't he?

And his wooing of Inayah ... He's fallen hard, hasn't he?


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AndreaH - 08 Sep 11 - 2:39 PM

Ch. 14: Confession Part II

Hmm, I wondered about her abrupt departure all those months ago when I read that story. Lovely plotting!


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Ithilatta - 30 Nov 11 - 9:52 AM

Ch. 19: Unity Part III

Great, just great. I'm glad to see those two boys being friends and getting together again. - Good thinking from Lothiriel by the way...

Keep it up *smile* Ithilatta

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AndreaH - 21 Jan 12 - 12:41 PM

Ch. 20: Unity Part IV

Elfwine's reaction will be quite interesting indeed... As will Halmir's for that matter. 

Thanks for the new chapter,


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AndreaH - 23 Apr 12 - 2:05 PM

Ch. 23: Revelation Part III

Hmm, so this part is coming to a head. I wonder if Halmir is drawing the same conclusion while he is waiting? And poor Guleth, wondering what happened to her son I assume.

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AndreaH - 04 Jul 12 - 4:04 PM

Ch. 25: Revelation Part V

Ah, lovely ending, but I think to fully appreciate it I should go back and read the whole sorry from the beginning Grin. That is the way it always seems to be with long stories. Thanks for all of it! AndreaH

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