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B2MeM 2011

Larner - 06 Mar 11 - 12:28 PM

Ch. 1: Day 2: Defiance, "Hard Lessons"

A wonderful imagining of the Rohirrim and how they learned to survive now so as to win in the future.  I grieve for Aetheldred.

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B2MeM 2011

Larner - 06 Mar 11 - 1:29 PM

Ch. 2: Day 4: Facing fears

Oh, so appropriate, Starspray!  I so love your writing, and the image of the restless ghost seeking freedom to properly embrace the death he knows he's undergone.  And love the idea he accepts that he has become fear, having existed with it for so long.

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B2MeM 2011

Ellynn - 08 Mar 11 - 12:34 PM

Ch. 4: Day 7: Overcoming Prejudice

Amazing story, Starlight. Their dialogue, that reminds me of a storm and thunders and battle, is just perfect!

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B2MeM 2011

Larner - 21 Mar 11 - 8:40 AM

Ch. 4: Day 7: Overcoming Prejudice

I find her final thought here the saddest and most profound of all, really.  She has indeed, for one who has stood in the Light of the Two Trees, been filled with a bitter darkness, and has managed to doom herself in her pride.  Although not all dooms are necessarily evil, as she will finally realize....

Nicely done.

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B2MeM 2011

Larner - 21 Mar 11 - 8:48 AM

Ch. 5: Day 11: Freedom of Religion

Ah, bribing the King, are we?  At least this worked for the good, and they now turn from the shams to the Truth as witness to their real marriage.

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