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And The Woods Responded

Cuinwen - 28 Jun 11 - 8:15 PM

Ch. 9: Chapter 8

A grand start you've made on this one:  set in an era about which few tales have been spun, with a cast of authentic OCs in counterpoint with canon characters wrapped up in their own concerns, and now Aeve's safe little happy world has come utterly apart, and the rebel leader is a mystery.  I really do look forward to seeing how this story ends.

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And The Woods Responded

Megan - 20 Jul 11 - 6:56 AM

Ch. 10: Chapter 9

I'm loving this story so far! I always wonder what happened in the 4th age and beyond; how long the reunited kingdom would have lasted, and what would have happened once it fell. This story offers a very interesting and entertaining view of that future. I can't wait to see what happens next. I hope you'll update soon.

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And The Woods Responded

Teleri - 25 Sep 11 - 7:35 AM

Ch. 12: Chapter 11

Your writing is wonderful--very vivid, with beautiful descriptions.  I enjoy your characterizations, as well.  Please continue! :)

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And The Woods Responded

Megan - 05 Mar 12 - 2:39 AM

Ch. 14: Chapter 13

I'm loving this story. Great plot, with some awesome twists, great characterization of everyone, and a great setting. I've always wondered what happened during the fourth age and beyond, and this story certainly provides some interesting answers. I hope you'll update soon!

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And The Woods Responded

TariElfLady - 24 Apr 13 - 11:32 AM

Ch. 15: Chapter 14

This is sooo good. I can't wait for the next chapter to be posted.  The twins simply must be reunited and Sveyn will have to find a way to woo Aeve properly.

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