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Secret Chambers of the Heart

Elrûn - 24 Jul 12 - 10:24 AM

Ch. 3: Ninth Part of a Hair

Dear Adaneth,

Grimr seems to harbour great bitterness, indeed - may the future be kinder to him!


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Secret Chambers of the Heart

Akatsukami - 08 Sep 12 - 7:33 AM

Ch. 3: Ninth Part of a Hair

"Are only Men poor?"


The Gunduzahar venturers seem fairly well off!  Grimr's share (a tenth of a penny on a shilling) is probably only about a third to a half of what he would ordinarily expect as a master-level smith…but he's getting his room and board gratis, which in turn would ordinarily account for the great majority of his income.  Gunduzahar's productivity, or Veylin's assertion that "I do not believe a stinted man can give his best work.  I want a man's best, and I am willing to pay for it."?

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Secret Chambers of the Heart

Adaneth - 14 Sep 12 - 1:46 PM

Ch. 3: Ninth Part of a Hair

Thank you for your comments, Akatsukami!

Gunduzahar is a profitable venture, unusually so for the Blue Mountains at this time in Middle-earth's history.  With two kindreds of Dwarves (Firebeards and Broadbeams) working over the mountains for three Ages of the world, I expect most of the riches were found long ago, and the smaller lodes worked out.  This is why I've put the rich pickings near the sea, which Dwarves normally avoid.

The copper and other minerals coming out of Gunduzahar itself are profitable, but the real wealth comes from Veylin's prospecting for gems, which is why he keeps fretting that he doesn't get to do more of it. 

As for Grimr's pay and perqs, he is benefitting from the fact that Veylin is an unusually generous Dwarf.  "Your hands will flow with gold, but over you gold will have no dominion."  Such a softie.  Wink



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