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1. Another Man's Cage 
Author: Dawn Felagund
Last Updated: 08/08/07  Original Post: 06/28/05
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 53  Word Count: 354,559
Era: Time of the Trees   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
In the Years of the Trees, the family of Fëanor--and the Noldor--begins a slow move toward their eventual fate. This is a novel-length work-in-progress set in Valinor, during which I follow the young House of Fëanor over the course of an ordinary year. The main players are Fëanor, Nerdanel, Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm, Caranthir, Fingon, Fingolfin, and Finarfin. Please see my story discussion for further introductory material. Rated for marital sex and consensual heterosexual situations.
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2. Bargaining for Beginners This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: Honesty
Last Updated: 01/10/03  Original Post: 08/02/02
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 3  Word Count: 17,825
Era: 2nd Age - Rings   Genre: Romance  Completion: Complete
This is about Celebrimbor and Narvi, the two craftsmen who made the Doors of Moria. Narvi, a young and rebellious dwarven stonewright meets the elven smith Celebrimbor. About life in Khazad-dum, dwarven culture and the beginning friendship of two master artisans. Very, very mild slash.
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3. Battle of the Golden Wood, The This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: Marnie
Last Updated: 09/02/04  Original Post: 01/15/03
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 24  Word Count: 58,558
Era: 3rd Age - Ring War   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
An account of the battles between Dol Guldur and Lothlorien during the Wars of the Ring. Mithril Awards 2004 - Winner - 'Best story focussing on Elves'.
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4. Between Ages 
Author: Pete Zaitcev
Last Updated: 12/26/05  Original Post: 11/06/05
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 2,594
Era: 4th Age   Genre: Other  Completion: Complete
"A sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic," they say. What if the writers of the Red Book had no words to convey the actual events? NOT an AU. ((Many thanks to all reviewers, who had the patience to read through, but especially #8 & #9.))
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
5. Courting the Lady This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: Celandine Brandybuck
Last Updated: 09/21/04  Original Post: 08/23/02
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 18  Word Count: 52,534
Era: 3rd Age - The Stewards   Genre: Romance  Completion: Complete
How did Denethor ever end up married to Finduilas of Dol Amroth? And given that Aragorn was in Gondor at the time, under the name Thorongil, might he not have been interested in this courtship? This romance is told partly through the eyes of each of the three individuals involved (plus Imrahil), and partly through the medium of letters between them all. First of the Steward's Family sequence. No objectionable content. By Celandine. Mithril Awards 2004 - Runner-up - Best novel/serial
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
6. Downfallen 
Author: pandemonium_213
Last Updated: 05/31/10  Original Post: 08/17/08
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 2,928
Era: Akallabêth/Last Alliance   Genre: Drama  Completion: Complete
Sauron recounts the first human sacrifice in the temple of Armenelos. MEFA 2009 Winner; First Place Villains. Rated Adult for mature concepts, imagery and expletive language (single word). Thanks to oshun, Jael and Ignoble Bard for their encouragement. ETA: And thanks to Raksha for some logistical tweaking.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One  |  Read Comments
7. Easterling, The 
Author: Scribe
Last Updated: 04/07/03  Original Post: 04/03/03
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 12  Word Count: 102,973
Era: 3rd Age - Post-Ring War   Genre: Action  Completion: Complete
When Legolas Greenleaf decides to aid the Ranger Melia on a quest to find her mother, they stumble into a search that is more than anything imagined when they discover that Saruman was not the only one who sought to create an army of evil. As this long dormant power emerges to cast its shadow upon Middle Earth, Melia discovers she may have the key to its destruction and perhaps the key to the Prince of Mirkwood's heart. (STORY 2)
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
8. Falcon, The: The Adventures of Peregrin Took This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: Chip of Dale
Last Updated: 08/20/04  Original Post: 04/16/04
Status: Reviewed  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 17  Word Count: 99,434
Era: 4th Age   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
His father named him "wanderer"; but everyone called him Pippin. He was the youngest Companion of the Fellowship of the Ring, an innocent and foolish lad who walked heedlessly into legend. Twelve years after the War of the Ring, feeling trapped by responsibilities he doesn't want, Peregrin Took struggles with a restlessness he can no longer deny. Now, traveling amidst the vast and unexplored vistas of Far Harad, caught up in a war against a tyrannical Magician and the quest for a legendary Jewel...
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9. Gimli: The Owner's Guide and Maintenance Manual This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: Theresa Green
Last Updated: 09/07/03  Original Post: 08/20/03
Status: Reviewed  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 2,103
Era: Multi-Age   Genre: Humor  Completion: Complete
This text, recently discovered in the Chamber of Mazarbul, is the ultimate guide to Gimli, son of Gloin. This is the user guide that was described by “The Khazad-dum Times” as “Worth its weight in mithril”.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
10. Glitter of Metal, The This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: Ithilwen
Last Updated: 04/14/03  Original Post: 12/13/02
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 4,648
Era: 1st Age   Genre: Drama  Completion: Complete
Wounded in both body and spirit by Morgoth, a now-crippled Maedhros struggles to redefine his sense of identity. A Silmarillion-based tale, also featuring brief appearances by Maglor, Amrod and Curufin.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
11. Hearth and Home 
Author: Molly Littlefoot
Last Updated: 06/22/05  Original Post: 06/22/05
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 5,758
Era: 3rd Age - Ring War   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
A Hobbit wife uncertainly wonders what the future will bring. Based on both Book and Movie verse. Written for both the "Confessions to the Sleepless Night" and the "All OCs all the Time" challenges and my first public story in over twenty years. Be gentle or no cake for any of you.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
12. In the Hall of the Wood Elf King This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: TreeHugger
Last Updated: 09/08/02  Original Post: 09/05/02
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 30  Word Count: 75,557
Era: 3rd Age - The Stewards   Genre: Humor  Completion: Complete
The Hobbit AU. While the Dwarves are imprisoned in Thranduil's dungeons, Bilbo meets Legolas quite by accident. We find out why Elves don't smoke pipeweed.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
13. Land of Light and Shadows This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: Thundera Tiger
Last Updated: 04/04/05  Original Post: 06/22/02
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 38  Word Count: 279,105
Era: 3rd Age - Post-Ring War   Genre: Action  Completion: Work in Progress
A meeting of trade deep within the deserts of Harad takes a sharp turn for the worst when politics, history, and power struggles become involved. Featuring Aragorn, Eomer, Gimli, Legolas, Imrahil, and the Haradrim in all their scheming glory.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One  |  Read Comments
14. Leithian Script: Act I This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: Philosopher At Large
Last Updated: 01/25/03  Original Post: 06/20/02
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 5  Word Count: 8,120
Era: 1st Age   Genre: Drama  Completion: Complete
Lay of Leithian Script Treatment: AN APPOINTMENT IN MENEGROTH. Retold in the vernacular with grateful apologies to Tolkien & Shakespeare. Luthien, Beren, Melian, Thingol, Mablung, Beleg, Daeron. (12/08/02 - Oversight corrected: the Afternotes have been posted.)
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
15. Life More Ordinary, A 
Author: Scribe
Last Updated: 04/07/03  Original Post: 04/03/03
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 8  Word Count: 62,588
Era: 3rd Age - Post-Ring War   Genre: Humor  Completion: Complete
The War of Ring is over and life settles to a normal pace for the Fellowship or does it? In the White City, while Arwen is away, Aragorn decides to spend some quality time with Eldarion, with amusing results. Gimli decides that it is time for a dwarf to embark upon that great unknown adventure –learning to ride a horse. Faramir finds that living in a dead brother’s shadow is more vexing than it seems and the rest of the Fellowship learn that sometimes a normal life is not as easy to lead as any ...
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
16. Lord of Carrion This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: Philosopher At Large
Last Updated: 03/15/04  Original Post: 09/11/02
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 1,393
Era: 3rd Age - Ring War   Genre: Action  Completion: Complete
The Witch-king's thoughts in that critical moment on the Pelennor. LOTR:ROTK, Silm references. (Written for the Eowyn Challenge.)Mithril Awards 2003 - Finalist - Best Vignette or Short Story
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
17. Maedhros' End This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: Ceana
Last Updated: 05/19/06  Original Post: 01/30/06
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 14  Word Count: 93,649
Era: Multi-Age   Genre: Drama  Completion: Complete
We were all told it ended in the fiery chasm. Maedhros' end was actually quite different. Sometimes living can be the worst punishment of all.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
18. Magnetic Force This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: Marnie
Last Updated: 07/27/03  Original Post: 06/15/03
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 5,735
Era: Other   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
Rivendell always was a hidden valley, so how can we know it no longer exists? This is a strange blend of Fortean Times meets Middle Earth, and I would appreciate advice as to whether it works or not. :)
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
19. Messages This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: Shakes
Last Updated: 05/20/07  Original Post: 06/13/02
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 25  Word Count: 142,363
Era: 3rd Age - The Stewards   Genre: Drama  Completion: Work in Progress
Would you like to take a look at life in Gondor's army prior to the War of the Ring? This story explores Henneth Annun, Osgiliath and Minas Tirith (soon), concentrating on boys, messengers, Rangers and soldiers as well as Captains Boromir and Faramir. Work in progress
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
20. Mother of Horsemen This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: Rociriel
Last Updated: 12/28/07  Original Post: 06/29/02
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 26  Word Count: 90,856
Era: Multi-Age   Genre: Drama  Completion: Work in Progress
The story of Readfah, the legendary and immortal 'Mother of the Rohirrim.'
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One  |  Read Comments
21. Official Fanfiction University of Middle-earth, The This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: Camilla Sandman
Last Updated: 03/15/04  Original Post: 06/18/02
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 64  Word Count: 65,852
Era: Other   Genre: Humor  Completion: Complete
Will the Dark Lords agree to disagree? Will the students ever learn not to stampede? Will Elrond’s campaign succeed? Gimli and Lina - true love? These and other vital questions will probably not be answered in OFUM’s final semester. Mithril Awards 2003 - Runner-up - Best novel/serial Mithril Awards 2003 - Commended - Best humour or parody
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
22. Remedial Smithery 
Author: Darth Fingon
Last Updated: 03/21/07  Original Post: 03/01/07
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 9,554
Era: 4th Age   Genre: Humor  Completion: Work in Progress
The worst smith in Aman tries to learn from Aulë. Additional unlisted character: Gilfanon (Book of Lost Tales)
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One  |  Read Comments
23. Seeds of Old Trees This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: Marnie
Last Updated: 02/22/05  Original Post: 11/02/04
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 8  Word Count: 32,328
Era: Other   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
Suppose Celeborn eventually did go to Valinor - would he like it there? And would Galadriel really be meekly waiting for him at the dock?
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One  |  Read Comments
24. Sting, The This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: Tyellas
Last Updated: 04/28/03  Original Post: 03/26/03
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 1,815
Era: 1st Age   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
Maeglin, filled with hatred and anger, uses his talents as an elf-smith to create one small thing – an item we should all recognize. A fanfic with aspects of The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, LOTR, and United Cutlery’s movie prop reproductions.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
25. The Apprentice 
Author: pandemonium_213
Last Updated: 12/18/11  Original Post: 12/18/11
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 13  Word Count: 39,321
Era: 2nd Age - Rings   Genre: Drama  Completion: Complete
An ambitious young Noldorin man of Ost-in-Edhil lands a coveted appointment as an apprentice to the most skilled master smith of the Gwaith-i-Mirdain: Istyar Aulendil. The apprentice's mentor, a prodigy of the Aulënossë, has been sent to Middle-earth by the Valar and has knowledge of exotic and wondrous technology. Istyar Aulendil also has notoriously high standards. The apprentice must meet his mentor's expectations if he is to become a journeyman and work on an important new initiati...
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
26. The Circles: Book 2: Journey of Sorrow 
Author: Angmar and Elfhild
Last Updated: 08/24/09  Original Post: 05/02/08
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 24  Word Count: 82,869
Era: 3rd Age - Post-Ring War   Genre: Drama  Completion: Complete
After arriving at the ruins of Minas Tirith, the Rohirric captives are handed over to a group of Haradric slavers led by Esarhaddon uHuzziya, one of the owners of a slave trading business in Nurn. A man of might and mastery, this handsome, rakish Southron symbolizes everything that the women dread. Orphaned, their land destroyed, twins Elfhild and Elffled struggle to remain defiant against their foes. Goldwyn, stern and proud, refuses to surrender to despair's throes like so many others have do...
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One  |  Read Comments
27. The White Tower This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: Anna Wing
Last Updated: 06/16/07  Original Post: 05/15/07
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 7  Word Count: 11,598
Era: Other   Genre: Drama  Completion: Complete
Amrod and Amras, reborn in Valinor, come calling on Elwing again.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One  |  Read Comments
28. Thread of Fate This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: Forodwaith
Last Updated: 03/15/04  Original Post: 02/25/03
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 1,482
Era: 3rd Age - Ring War   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
"No cord nor cable can so forcibly draw, or hold so fast, as love can do with a twined thread." As Arwen weaves a banner for Aragorn, the ties binding her to her people begin to weaken.Mithril Awards 2003 - Runner Up - Best story focusing on Elves
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One  |  Read Comments
29. Trinity 
Author: pandemonium_213
Last Updated: 12/18/11  Original Post: 12/18/11
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 2  Word Count: 5,411
Era: Other   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
Three scientists discuss technology and responsibility in the Jornada del Muerto Valley on July 19, 1945.This is the foundation of what burgeoned into the alternative history of the Pandë!verse.  Although the story is not allegorical, it is perhaps applicable. Rated Adult for expletive language. ...
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
30. Ulmo's Wife 
Author: pandemonium_213
Last Updated: 12/18/11  Original Post: 12/18/11
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 2  Word Count: 930
Era: Pre-Trees   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
It was written that Ulmo was alone, but delving deeper into the nature of the Valar and their adopted world reveals otherwise. Rated Adult for allusion to sexuality.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
31. Unworkable A/U 
Author: dragonlady7
Last Updated: 05/01/04  Original Post: 05/01/04
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 2,017
Era: 3rd Age - Ring War   Genre: Humor  Completion: Work in Progress
I admit, this was inspired by most uncharitable sarcasm. Another of my stories was criticized for being an unworkable A/U because it was predicated on Eomer not knowing of Theodred's death before he rode out after Ugluk's band of Orcs in Two Towers. What follows is my amused and slightly hung-over imaginings of the spread of news across the Mark. Strongly, wackily, hopefully amusingly A/U, but I can't classify this strictly as a humor piece because in the end, it's not really that funny. ...
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One  |  Read Comments
32. Who Knackered Aragorn's Catamite? This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: earthspot
Last Updated: 03/15/04  Original Post: 03/02/03
Status: Reviewed  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 22  Word Count: 79,079
Era: 4th Age   Genre: Action  Completion: Complete
Set in Minas Tirith, Minas Ithil and Mordor, nearly 50 years after the Ringwars, Goswedriol, the bastard son of Gandalf, teams up with Goldberry to investigate the frightful murder of Morfindel, the King's Favourite and arch wheeler-dealer, treading on toes all the way. JRR Tolkien Meets James Bond and Agatha Christie. Crime thriller, whodunnit, bestseller, superficially satire, but with some angst & mystery, extends canon but avoids bending it. Canonical characters are faithfully portrayed (sic...
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Found 36 stories.

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Lion And The Swan, The

Chathol-linn - 21 Jan 15 - 11:07 AM

Ch. 1: The Lion and The Swan

I've read and commented on this lyrical love song many times.  The poem is not about seduction and yet its rhythm is as irresistible as first love and lots more more gentle.  As Lothiriel journeys away from girlhood, feel her breathless apprehension, awe, and regret; then her closure and acceptance of womanhood with her chosen companion, the golden king Eomer.  This poem has inspired me often. I love it and quote it. Thanks, ErinRua.

Go to Lion And The Swan, The

A Bit of Rope

TariElfLady - 24 Dec 14 - 4:28 PM

Ch. 65: Reunion

This was a wild ride with so many of my favorite characters being killed, but it was well worth the reading.  Frodo's letters were beautiful and very touching.  Kudos to you.  I'm glad I was able to finish before this site goes down.  Hopefully I'll find you on another site.

Go to A Bit of Rope

A Bit of Rope

TariElfLady - 17 Dec 14 - 10:42 AM

Ch. 62: A Question of Friendship

I feel so bad for Iaurel.  He needs to let go of all the pain.  In the end I do hope Frodo decides to be his friend.

Go to A Bit of Rope

Unto the ending of the world

Nath - 10 Nov 14 - 8:18 PM

Ch. 41: News

Hi Helga,

Glad you liked the chapter Smile

Definitely not a good day for Eowyn, though...

Go to Unto the ending of the world

Unto the ending of the world

helga - 03 Nov 14 - 3:03 PM

Ch. 41: News

Yikes!  Very well writtn, with a lot of excitement and emotion packed into a concise chapter.  And I just knew it!  Not a good day for Eowyn.  

Go to Unto the ending of the world

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