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1. With Hope and Without Hope This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: docmon
Last Updated: 03/10/09  Original Post: 06/20/07
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 20  Word Count: 121,524
Era: 3rd Age - Ring War   Genre: Action  Completion: Complete
FIRST PLACE in the 2008 MEFA Awards! One decision made differently - the Three Hunters run through that second night of their chase after the Orcs rather than rest - and everything changes. Well, not everything. They're merely captured by the Orcs like Merry and Pippin. Not in the plan. One decision changed doesn't change one's destiny, however. How each of them are to reach the fate destiny has in store for them is a bit peskier, though... In this AU story, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli are ca...
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2. Choosing 
Author: docmon
Last Updated: 12/15/08  Original Post: 04/13/06
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 3  Word Count: 913
Era: 3rd Age - Ring War   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
HONORABLE MENTION in the 2008 MEFA Awards! Three choices, three destinies. Three leaders choose the messengers to send to Imladris, who then become members of the Fellowship. Thanks to Thundera Tiger and Chathol-linn, for their beta prowess!
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3. Bridges of Stone 
Author: docmon
Last Updated: 12/15/08  Original Post: 10/25/05
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 1,961
Era: 3rd Age - Post-Ring War   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
Gimli shows Legolas the Glittering Caves and learns a lesson on beauty and friendship. Many thanks to Thundera Tiger, beta-extraordinaire!
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4. Answering the Call This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: docmon
Last Updated: 12/15/08  Original Post: 10/25/05
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 10  Word Count: 17,419
Era: 3rd Age - Ring War   Genre: Drama  Completion: Complete
FIRST PLACE in the 2008 MEFA Awards! A series of AU vignettes in which each member of the Fellowship hears the call of the Ring - and answers it. My take on the big What-If. Varying degrees of angst, drama, action, and perhaps a little more angst. I can't thank Thundera Tiger enough for all her help and patience with this story. Without her guidance and encouragement, this story would never have seen the light of day, nor would I have considered posting any of my writing....
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5. A Drabble by Any Other Name...? 
Author: docmon
Last Updated: 12/15/08  Original Post: 12/04/05
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 6  Word Count: 1,013
Era: Multi-Age   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
...might not still be a drabble. This is the place where I deposit what passes for drabbles for me, though I rarely can keep a drabble even close to 100 words. More often you'll find drabbles-and-a-half, or double-drabbles. Nevertheless, I will be posting snippets of various sorts, characters, and whatever pops into my head. Some are entries into a Yule Mathoms Challenge, others are entries for the "Back to Middle-earth" month at There 'n' Back Again forum. Please feel free to leave a comment ...
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6. Aragorn's Moment This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: docmon
Last Updated: 06/10/08  Original Post: 01/24/07
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 820
Era: 3rd Age - Ring War   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
WINNER 2007 MEFA Award! In FotR, we read: “Their farewells had been said in the great hall by the fire, and they were only waiting now for Gandalf, ... Bilbo huddled in a cloak stood silent on the doorstep beside Frodo. Aragorn sat with his head bowed to his knees; only Elrond knew fully what this hour meant to him.” What did Tolkien mean by that line? What did that hour, that moment mean to Aragorn? What was going through his head? What did Elrond know that no other did? This vignette is my...
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7. Passing 
Author: docmon
Last Updated: 07/24/05  Original Post: 04/25/05
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 766
Era: 3rd Age - Post-Ring War   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
An AU vignette of one of the Fellowship receiving bad news. No, it didn't happen, but I was suddenly struck with this scene in my head and decided to take the plunge. It's my first post to HASA and first LotR story. Please be gentle! Thanks to all those who have generously offered their feedback. I've now reposted the edited story. Feedback still welcome!
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Found 7 stories.

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A Long, Long Time Ago

Marta - 21 Aug 14 - 9:52 AM

General Comment

This was a charming little moment in that family. I enjoyed Barahir's reluctance and the fact that not even the great heroes get it right the first time. :-)

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A Noldorin Nursery Rhyme

Tauriel - 21 Aug 14 - 7:48 AM

General Comment

Wow. I spent last night having a discussion about the Noldor and the oath of the Noldorin and the Silmarils, this story/song was brilliant! Well researched, concise, clever... Lovely job! Write more!

Go to A Noldorin Nursery Rhyme

A Bit of Rope

TariElfLady - 20 Aug 14 - 12:23 PM

Ch. 44: The Nature Of Healing

While I dearly love this story, I am deeply saddened that Eomer and Elladan died.

Who will rule Rohan now if Faramir is to be the prince of Ithilien?

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Never Again

gibbsg - 12 Aug 14 - 1:18 PM

Ch. 29: As The Night Closes In

Great story. Update soon.

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Short Accounts of Middle-earth

Elleunamme Maltovia - 07 Aug 14 - 6:18 PM

General Comment

I really like how you did these! :) You did a great job in writing simple but satisfying accounts of a variety of characters.

Go to Short Accounts of Middle-earth

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