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1. What the Eastern Wind Brings 
Author: Beregond5
Last Updated: 01/28/07  Original Post: 11/19/05
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 10,675
Era: 3rd Age - Post-Ring War   Genre: Drama  Completion: Complete
Edited part of a larger story called Lost and Found for the "Where the Stars are Strange" Challenge. Arwen is told of a Man-like creature living in the forests of Ithilien. Yet little does she know that, upon meeting him by an ironic twist of fate, a sad tale will be unfolded. Drama/ Angst.
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2. Legolas's First Yule 
Author: Beregond5
Last Updated: 01/27/07  Original Post: 01/27/07
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 2,905
Era: 3rd Age - The Kings   Genre: Humor  Completion: Complete
This was written a long time ago in the name of the Christmas spirit, but hopefully it's good. The title says it all. A bit on the humorous side in some parts.
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3. Thicker Than Blood 
Author: Beregond5
Last Updated: 01/26/07  Original Post: 04/30/05
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 10  Word Count: 36,989
Era: 4th Age   Genre: Drama  Completion: Complete
Five years after the events of the War of the Ring, Beregond seems to have finally settled to an uneventful life in Ithilien and Faramir to a happy married life with the White Lady of Rohan. Yet as all three are about to discover, this peace is only the calm before the storm. Sequel to Brothers in Arms. Drama/ Angst/ Action. Edited.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
4. Lost and Found 
Author: Beregond5
Last Updated: 01/26/07  Original Post: 04/15/06
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 16  Word Count: 50,082
Era: 3rd Age - Post-Ring War   Genre: Drama  Completion: Complete
Set two years after the War of the Ring. Arwen returns to Minas Tirith after a visit at Emyn Arnen. On her way and after a misfortune that deprives her of horse and her military escort, she finds herself in the company of someone whom she can't tell if he's a friend or foe. Drama/ Angst/ Action. I stress the term AU. Warning: For some of the story elements to make sense, you will have to read the other multi-chaptered stories I've written so far (except Thicker Than Blood), because it follows th...
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5. Mother 
Author: Beregond5
Last Updated: 08/17/06  Original Post: 08/17/06
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 2,173
Era: 3rd Age - The Stewards   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
A short story about parenthood. A bit bittersweet.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
6. Kindness of a Corsair, The 
Author: Beregond5
Last Updated: 05/13/06  Original Post: 03/28/05
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 6  Word Count: 24,192
Era: 3rd Age - Post-Ring War   Genre: Action  Completion: Complete
Legolas and Gimli are on their way to Minas Tirith when they come across trouble and the Dwarf goes missing. Now Legolas has to seek help from the most unlikely person imaginable, if he’s to save his Dwarven companion. Action/ Angst/ Drama. Note: Dwarves are afraid of water in general, not of the sea only. Apologies for that minor canon bending, but it served my purpose.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
7. Brothers in Arms This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: Beregond5
Last Updated: 01/26/06  Original Post: 12/11/04
Status: Reviewed  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 10  Word Count: 33,213
Era: 3rd Age - Ring War   Genre: Drama  Completion: Complete
Faramir lies in what everybody believes to be his death-bed, stricken by the Black Breath. Grief stricken by the Captain's condition, Beregond remembers his own life and the friendship he shared with the Steward's son. Set in Minas Tirith, during the War of the Ring, although there's plenty of flashback as well. Genre: Drama/ Angst/ Action. AU because of several changes done for dramatic purposes.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
8. Awakened Memories This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: Beregond5
Last Updated: 12/01/05  Original Post: 02/12/05
Status: Reviewed  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 5  Word Count: 31,539
Era: Multi-Age   Genre: Action  Completion: Complete
The Fellowship reaches Caras Galadhon, where Gimli speaks rudely to Haldir, the march warden. That triggers in Aragorn some memories long forgotten about the first time he passed through Moria... and also the time that he met an unusual friend. Action/ Angst/ Drama. Inspired by a scene in the FOTR EE. Movie-verse combined with book canon. AU for slight canon bending done for dramatic reasons. Nominated for best Aragorn Angst story at the Mellon Chronicles Archive in 2004.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
9. Bilbo’s no good, awful, confounded day. This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: Beregond5
Last Updated: 04/20/05  Original Post: 03/19/05
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 5,548
Era: 3rd Age - The Stewards   Genre: Humor  Completion: Complete
Bilbo didn't have to leave on adventures to face trouble. One-shot and an experiment on writing humour. Warning: Movie-verse mostly (especially when it comes to the age of the Hobbits) and some slight spoilers for The Hobbit.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
Found 9 stories.

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His Mother's Son

Himring - 13 Jul 14 - 5:03 AM

General Comment

An unusual subject and an interesting take on it! I hadn't spotted the potential for quite so much darkness in that passage before you brought it out.

(Sorry for duplication, this was meant to be a public comment on the story, not a private email, but I pasted it into the wrong place at first.)

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Forest Assault

eliza61 - 27 Jun 14 - 7:26 AM

Ch. 1: Forest Assault

LOL, loved this story Nieriel.  I read it a while ago so forgive me if I said so before.  very very charming and sweet. 

Go to Forest Assault

Follow The Sun

cassie - 17 Jun 14 - 12:56 PM

General Comment

This is so beautifully heartbreaking. A great story from a wonderful writer. I can hardly see for the tears but thank you for sharing this here.

Go to Follow The Sun

When Fandoms Collide

Elleunamme Maltovia - 12 Jun 14 - 12:18 PM

Ch. 3: The Big Bang That Wasn't...

I've never seen the Avengers so some of this is lost on me, but I still find it hilarious! Love Frodo's response when Thor says Sauron isn't defeated. xD And turning Mordor into a waterpark is just brilliant. 

Go to When Fandoms Collide

When Fandoms Collide

LOTR lover - 11 Jun 14 - 8:34 AM

General Comment

I just found this story today! I'm enjoying it, especially the kiss you got from Glorfindel and the lollipop of doom. Please continue, Nieriel!

Go to When Fandoms Collide

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