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1. The White City: Guardians of Gondor 
Author: fael bain
Last Updated: 03/15/07  Original Post: 03/16/06
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 13  Word Count: 28,948
Era: 4th Age   Genre: Other  Completion: Complete
How did Elessar cope with his transformation from vagabond into a ruler? Through lots of help from Elrohir, of course! Yet, there are many nuances and subtleties of court life that a warrior might find difficult to deal with. WARNING: Slash
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One  |  Read Comments
2. Tales from the Great Wood: Naugrim 
Author: fael bain
Last Updated: 11/10/05  Original Post: 06/06/04
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 11  Word Count: 21,553
Era: 3rd Age - The Kings   Genre: Action  Completion: Complete
A young and restless Legolas seeks one adventure too many and ends up encountering dwarves, those terrible creatures, for the first time..
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
3. Last Age of Elves: For What He is Worth, The 
Author: fael bain
Last Updated: 11/10/05  Original Post: 04/06/05
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 5  Word Count: 5,767
Era: 3rd Age - The Stewards   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
Elrohir's smothering protectiveness and a careless insult questioning Legolas's faith tossed in a fit of anger causes a strain between the lovers that threatens to rip their relationship apart.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One  |  Read Comments
4. Shadow 
Author: fael bain
Last Updated: 08/10/05  Original Post: 09/21/03
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 61  Word Count: 108,007
Era: 3rd Age - The Kings   Genre: Action  Completion: Complete
TA 1050 - An evil grows within the confines of Eryn Galen, threatening to sweep Middle-Earth with its hatred and dominance. The Silvan folk find themselves at the forefront of the battle, and must cast aside their differences and join forces with Imladris, whom they have long avoided, in order to win the fight to keep this evil from taking over. NOW COMPLETE
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
5. Tales from the Great Wood: Blood Brothers 
Author: fael bain
Last Updated: 04/06/05  Original Post: 08/31/03
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 3  Word Count: 9,692
Era: 3rd Age - The Kings   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
Legolas reaches his 9th birthday, and gets a personal servant. Mayhem, chaos and adventure ensue..
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
6. Journey's End 
Author: fael bain
Last Updated: 11/20/04  Original Post: 09/06/04
Status: General  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 2,854
Era: 3rd Age - The Kings   Genre: General  Completion: Complete
All things come to pass, just as all Elves must answer the call of the sea. Thranduil receives a letter which brings a chapter in his life to an end.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
7. Velvet Greenmine 
Author: fael bain
Last Updated: 10/10/04  Original Post: 10/10/04
Status: General  Rating: Adult  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 1,285
Era: 4th Age   Genre: Humor  Completion: Complete
A new hot band hits the shores of Valinor, and the immortals can't get enough of the Fellowship. Written for 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind' challenge, just generally WEIRD and not to be taken seriously.
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One  |  Read Comments
8. Greenleaf This is a HASA reviewed story.
Author: fael bain
Last Updated: 03/20/04  Original Post: 03/09/04
Status: Reviewed  Rating: General  Chapters: 1  Word Count: 1,512
Era: 3rd Age - The Kings   Genre: Romance  Completion: Complete
Thranduil returns from the war to an empty throne, his army annihlated, his father slain. His queen watches on, trying to beat away the darkness that surrounds him, and hope is finally rekindled with the coming of spring...
 Overview  |  Go to Chapter One
Found 8 stories.

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A Long, Long Time Ago

Marta - 21 Aug 14 - 9:52 AM

General Comment

This was a charming little moment in that family. I enjoyed Barahir's reluctance and the fact that not even the great heroes get it right the first time. :-)

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A Noldorin Nursery Rhyme

Tauriel - 21 Aug 14 - 7:48 AM

General Comment

Wow. I spent last night having a discussion about the Noldor and the oath of the Noldorin and the Silmarils, this story/song was brilliant! Well researched, concise, clever... Lovely job! Write more!

Go to A Noldorin Nursery Rhyme

A Bit of Rope

TariElfLady - 20 Aug 14 - 12:23 PM

Ch. 44: The Nature Of Healing

While I dearly love this story, I am deeply saddened that Eomer and Elladan died.

Who will rule Rohan now if Faramir is to be the prince of Ithilien?

Go to A Bit of Rope

Never Again

gibbsg - 12 Aug 14 - 1:18 PM

Ch. 29: As The Night Closes In

Great story. Update soon.

Go to Never Again

Short Accounts of Middle-earth

Elleunamme Maltovia - 07 Aug 14 - 6:18 PM

General Comment

I really like how you did these! :) You did a great job in writing simple but satisfying accounts of a variety of characters.

Go to Short Accounts of Middle-earth

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