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  • A-Z Index: This is the quickest way to see what is available in the Library.
  • Find your favorite character. There are hundreds of biographies in the system filled with quotes, little known details, and cross-links to other characters.
  • Need a place to stay? Go on a virtual tour of Middle-earth starting with your favorite place.
  • My Preciouss! The One Ring, and just about everything else in Arda, in one place.
  • Pull it all together. There's really no way to describe what you will see in timelines except to try the advanced search. Look up the Military/Strategic events of the Ring War. We dare you.

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Kings of Gondor

The Númenórean monarchs of the southern Kingdom in Exile; descendants of Elendil's son, Anárion.

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Where are the Stories?

The new home of HASA is available at: http://archiveofourown.org/collections/hasa


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