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A Bit of Rope

TariElfLady - 17 Dec 14 - 10:42 AM

Ch. 62: A Question of Friendship

I feel so bad for Iaurel.  He needs to let go of all the pain.  In the end I do hope Frodo decides to be his friend.

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Re: Where Else Can You Read My Stories?

Posted On: 12/09/14 10:37 PM
By: ErinRua
In: HASA General Notices

Just now catching up with all the news - so sad after so long a while. 

My stories are still hosted here:

~ ErinRua

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Re: HASA shut down discussion

Posted On: 12/07/14 7:31 PM
By: Iluker
In: HASA General Notices

A friendly reminder as we get closer to the move!

Authors, please doublecheck that your stories have a 'General' or 'Reviewed' status if you want them moved.  We'll do the rest, but stories need to be publicly available to be transferred.

Readers, please feel free to reach out to authors if there are stories you would like to see in AO3! The HASA Rescue Project is an organized attempt to contact all authors.  It's a good place to start, even if you only want to ask a few authors.  The signup page is at https://silwritersguild.livejournal.com/245284.html. 

For those who want to save local copies of stories, FanfictionDownloader is an excellent program. It is available as a standalone program or as a plugin for the ebook library software Calibre.  For non-story content, the easiest way to save is simply through the Save functionality of your browser.   I'm happy to answer any questions about saving content you'd really miss!  

We're very sorry, but we simply can't fulfill special requests. 

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Re: HASA shut down discussion

Posted On: 12/02/14 7:44 PM
By: Anglachel
In: HASA General Notices


I have received a Memorandum of Understanding from Open Doors that needs to be reviewed, revised (if necessary) signed and returned in order to begin the import actions.

At this time, I need to have anyone and everyone who is ready NOW to be a part of the transition to step up, become an admin on the current site, and work on this agreement so that it is, well, agreeable to those who intend to maintain HASA as an archive in Open Doors.

I have the names from this thread and need to know if there is anyone else who is ready to do this. The deadline for letting me know is this Saturday, December 6th. It's not that you can't join in later, it's that whomever has put up their hand and said "Count me in," is going to be part of an email exchange working on this document, then continuing on to work with transitioning the site.

In short, this is the final decision moment for the archive. Let me be REALLY CLEAR - If HASA is not transitioned to Open Doors, it will be shut down permanently and without anything remaining after January 31. Those are the choices facing the site - be moved to Open Doors and continue on in that venue, or cease operations completely. Also, once the site is moved to Open Doors, I will not perform any managerial or administrative functions. I'm just trying to make sure people are aware what is going to happen.

HOW TO SAY YOU ARE READY TO BE INVOLVED - Use the Contact form and send an email to the Site Manager and say so, making sure your email address is correct. This weekend, I will send out an email blast form the Site Manager account to all involved.

It will probably take a week or two to send emails around and revise the MoU. After that, I'm assuming about a month to move HASA stories into their transitional home (see previous big post from me about that), and then it's up to the new admins as to how quickly the stories get imported into the new archive.


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Re: HASA shut down discussion

Posted On: 11/23/14 6:58 PM
By: Iluker
In: HASA General Notices

If your stories are out of Beta status, they should get included in the pull.

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Re: HASA shut down discussion

Posted On: 11/23/14 9:19 AM
By: Aruthir
In: HASA General Notices

By all means move my stories to A03. If that's alright?

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