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Location(s): Lonely Mountain/Erebor

Race/Species: Dwarf

Dates: 2783- T.A. 15

Parents: Gróin

Siblings: Óin

Children: Gimli

Glóin was one of the twelve Dwarves of "Thorin & Co." who, at Gandalf's suggestion, added the hobbit Bilbo Baggins to their entourage to reclaim their treasure from Smaug the dragon as told in The Hobbit. In essence, he survived that adventure, became rich from his 1/14 share of the treasure of Erebor, and with his son, Gimli, was sent as an emissary to the Council of Elrond to represent the Dwarves during the War of the Ring. Though his son is more well-known, Glóin was obviously of importance enough to have been sent by then-King Dáin to Rivendell, and survived the battle of 3019 when orcs again assailed Erebor and the men of Dale. Aside from his skill at lighting fires and his predilection to speak his mind without censoring it first, not much else is known about him. All further details are in the character biography.

Thevina Finduilas, 3.28.04

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