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Site Maintenance: Archive closing date: March 31

Event Date: Tuesday, March 31 2015

HASA will close on March 31.

Information about the Open Doors project to transfer the story archive and opportunities to help with that, and about the rescue of the Research Library will be posted on HASA's Livejournal page and on Blogger.

Last but not least: Authors: thank you all for your support over the years and the reading pleasure you provided to so many with the stories you posted and see you at AO3!

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Re: HASA shutdown: AO3 accounts

Posted On: 03/21/15 10:41 PM
By: Nath
In: HASA General Notices

Thanks and noted!

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Re: HASA shutdown: AO3 accounts

Posted On: 03/21/15 8:53 AM
By: Eledhwen
In: HASA General Notices

I'm Eledhwen at AO3 too.

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Re: HASA shut down discussion

Posted On: 03/07/15 6:13 AM
By: Akatsukami
In: HASA General Notices

Thank you for posting the information on Calibre, Iluker; it appears to be a most useful tool.

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Re: HASA shutdown: AO3 accounts

Posted On: 03/02/15 8:02 PM
By: DrummerWench
In: HASA General Notices

Thank you, Anglachel! So embarassed! I did forget to change it, after all...

Real Life does get in the way of so much, doesn't it?

So glad I could pass on the info!


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Re: HASA shutdown: AO3 accounts

Posted On: 02/26/15 7:26 PM
By: Anglachel
In: HASA General Notices

Hi DrummerWench,

I fixed the formatting for you. Smile

Thanks for the info about pseuds! I did not know about that and the A03 admins I spoke to when I found my screen name had been taken didn't mention it at all.

At present, I'm too busy with the data transfer and the site shutdown operations to give it my attention (plus this stupid thing called Real Life. Bah, who thought that was a good idea?), but I will investigate it when I catch my breath.


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Happening at HASA

HASA Countdown

The Henneth Annun Story Archive (HASA) will cease operation as a story archive on Wednesday, March 31, 2015.

Here is a prospective timeline for what will happen in the coming week and through April:

  • March 30: Logins to HASA will be disabled in the late evening, US West Coast time. This is to freeze the database completely. Not even administrators will be able to log in.
  • March 31: The final backup of the database from the previous night will be downloaded for storage. All site code and assets will also be downloaded a final time.
  • April 1: Site will "go dark" and be inaccessible for several hours, perhaps into the following day. The DNS is being changed to point ot a new location.
  • April 1 - 4: As DNS servers pick up the new server, a placeholder page will appear. It will probably be little more than a white page with black text.
  • Early/Mid-April: Open Doors/A03 will complete their data import and HASA story admins will start transferring stories from an interim holding site to the HASA collection in A03.
  • Late April/Early May: The Research Library section of the Resource area of HASA will be brought back up with slightly revised branding as the Henneth Annun Research Center (HARC), under the henneth-annun.net domain.

Links to HASA will appear on the placeholder page as they become available, and will also be part of HARC when it comes back online.

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Closing down date set

Sunday, March 15

HASA is set to close down on March 31.
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