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Meaning: From Quenya Itarille, 'sparkling brilliance'

Other Names: Celebrindal 'Silver-foot'

Location(s): Valinor, Gondolin

Race/Species: Elf

Type/Kind: Noldor

Dates: Trees - I, 560 (date of departure from Beleriand)

father: Turgon, King of Gondolin
mother: Elenwë

Spouse: Tuor

Children: Eärendil

"But fairer than all the wonders of Gondolin was Idril, Turgon's daughter, she that was called Celebrindal, the Silver-foot, whose hair was as the gold of Laurelin before the coming of Melkor. "
Chapter 15 Of the Noldor in Beleriand, The Silmarillion

"Yet to none were his eyes more often drawn than to Idril the King's daughter, who sat beside him; for she was golden as the Vanyar, her mother's kindred, and she seemed to him as the sun from which all the King's hall drew its light."
"But Idril Celebrindal was wise and far-seeing, and her heart misgave her, and foreboding crept upon her spirit as a cloud."
Chapter 16 Of Maeglin, The Silmarillion
"And people called her Idril of the Silver Feet in that she went ever barefoot and bareheaded, king's daughter as she was, save only at the pomps of the Ainur." (The Book of Lost Tales II, HoMe 2, The Fall of Gondolin)

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