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Rog of Gondolin

Location(s): Gondolin

Race/Species: Elf

Type/Kind: Noldor

Lord of the House of the Hammer of Wrath

died: 510 First Age


Rog is a noble of Gondolin, the Lord of the House of the Hammer of Wrath, whose warriors all perished defending the fallen Gates in the Fall of Gondolin:
Then said Rog in a great voice: "Who now shall fear the Balrogs for all their terror? See before us the accursed ones who for ages have tormented the children of the Noldoli, and who now set a fire at our backs with their shooting. Come ye of the Hammer of Wrath and we will smite them for their evil." Thereupon he lifted his mace, and its handle was long; and he made a way before him by the wrath of his onset even unto the fallen gate: but all the people of the Stricken Anvil ran behind like a wedge, and sparks came from their eyes for the fury of their rage. A great deed was that sally, as the Noldoli sing yet, and many of the Orcs were borne backward into the fires below; but the men of Rog leapt even upon the coils of the serpents and came at those Balrogs and smote them grievously, for all they had whips of flame and claws of steel, and were in stature very great. They battered them into nought, or catching at their whips wielded these against them, that they tore them even as they had aforetime torn the Gnomes; 1 and the number of Balrogs that perished was a marvel and dread to the hosts of Melko, for ere that day never had any of the Balrogs been slain by the hand of Elves or Men.

The Book of Lost Tales 2, HoME Vol 2, Ch 3, The Fall of Gondolin

1Gnomes: an early name for the Noldor.

Elena Tiriel 24Jun11

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