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Sauron persuades Ar-Pharazôn to destroy the White Tree (estimated date)

Event Type: General

Age: Akallabêth/Last Alliance

Year: 3267


Sauron advises the King to fell the White Tree of Númenor:
Then Ar-Pharazôn the King turned back to the worship... of Melkor....

[The] Meneltarma was utterly deserted in those days; and though not even Sauron dared to defile the high place, yet the King would let no man, upon pain of death, ascend to it, not even those of the Faithful who kept Ilúvatar in their hearts. And Sauron urged the King to cut down the White Tree, Nimloth the Fair, that grew in his courts, for it was a memorial of the Eldar and of the light of Valinor.

At the first the King would not assent to this, since be believed that the fortunes of his house were bound up with the Tree, as was forespoken by Tar-Palantir. Thus in his folly he who now hated the Eldar and the Valar vainly clung to the shadow of the old allegiance of Númenor. But when Amandil heard rumour of the evil purpose of Sauron he was grieved to the heart, knowing that in the end Sauron would surely have his will.

The Silmarillion, Akallabêth

The date is an estimate, set to follow the event Ar-Pharazôn and the Númenóreans begin to worship Melkor.

Elena Tiriel 15Nov05

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