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Erendis prepares for Aldarion's return

Event Type: General

Age: 2nd Age - Pre-Rings

Dates: April 1, 0879 ~ October 1, 0880

When the second year after Aldarion's sailing came in, by the King's wish Erendis ordered the house in Armenelos to be arrayed and made ready; but she herself made no preparation for return. To the King she sent answer saying: "I will come if you command me, atar aranya. But have a duty now to hasten? Will it not be time enough when his sail is seen in the East?" and to herself she said: "Will the King have me wait upon the quays like a sailor's lass? Would that I were, but I am so no longer. I have played that part to the full."

But that year passed, and no sail was seen; the next year came, and waned to autumn. Then Erendis grew hard and silent. She ordered that the house in Armenelos be shut, and she went never more than a few hours' journey from her house in Emerië.

Unfinished Tales, Part 2, Ch 2, Aldarion and Erendis

Tanaqui 5Dec05

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