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Frodo escapes across the Ford of Bruinen

Event Type: Military/Strategic

Age: 3rd Age - Ring War

Date: October 20, 3018


An event in the Ambush at the Ford of Bruinen; see that entry for an overview.
'The Riders made straight for you, as soon as you fled.... Your friends sprang aside, off the road, or they would have been ridden down. They knew that nothing could save you, if the white horse could not. The Riders were too swift to overtake, and too many to oppose. On foot even Glorfindel and Aragorn together could not withstand all the Nine at once.

The Fellowship of the Ring, LoTR Book 2, Ch 1, Many Meetings

[Glorfindel] called to the horse...: noro lim, noro lim, Asfaloth!

At once the white horse sprang away and sped like the wind along the last lap of the Road.... Two [of the Riders] rode towards Frodo: two galloped madly towards the Ford to cut off his escape. They seemed... to run like the wind...

[Hope] faded. There seemed no chance of reaching the Ford.... He could see them clearly now..., and they called to him with fell voices.

Fear now filled all Frodo's mind. He thought no longer of his sword. No cry came from him. He shut his eyes and clung to the horse's mane. The wind whistled in his ears, and the bells upon the harness rang wild and shrill. A breath of deadly cold pierced him like a spear, as with a last spurt, like a flash of white fire, the elf-horse speeding as if on wings, passed right before the face of the foremost Rider.

Frodo heard the splash of water. It foamed about his feet. He felt the quick heave and surge as the horse left the river and struggled up the stony path. He was climbing the steep bank. He was across the Ford.

But the pursuers were close behind. At the top of the bank the horse halted and turned about neighing fiercely. There were Nine Riders at the water's edge below, and Frodo's spirit quailed....

The Fellowship of the Ring, LoTR Book 1, Ch 12, Flight to the Ford

Elena TIriel 18Jul06

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