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Frodo sells Bag End to the Sackville-Bagginses (estimated date)

Event Type: General

Age: 3rd Age - Ring War

Date: June 1, 3018


An event in the prelude to Frodo's Departure from the Shire; see that entry for an overview:
One summer's evening an astonishing piece of news reached the Ivy Bush and Green Dragon...: Mr. Frodo was selling Bag End, indeed he had already sold it — to the Sackville-Bagginses!

'For a nice bit, too,' said some. 'At a bargain price,' said others, 'and that's more likely when Mistress Lobelia's the buyer.' (Otho had died some years before, at the ripe but disappointed age of 102.)

Just why Mr. Frodo was selling his beautiful hole was even more debatable than the price. A few held the theory — supported by the... hints of Mr. Baggins himself — that Frodo's money was running out: he was going to leave Hobbiton and live in a quiet way on the proceeds of the sale down in Buckland among his Brandybuck relations.... But so firmly fixed had the notion of the immeasurable wealth of the Bagginses of Bag End become that most found this hard to believe...: to most it suggested a dark and yet unrevealed plot by Gandalf.... But... there was no doubt about the fact: Frodo Baggins was going back to Buckland.

'Yes, I shall be moving this autumn,' he said. 'Merry Brandybuck is looking out for a nice little hole for me....'

As a matter of fact with Merry's help he had already chosen and bought a little house at Crickhollow in the country beyond Bucklebury. To all but Sam he pretended he was going to settle down there permanently.... Buckland was on the eastern borders of the Shire, and as he had lived there in childhood his going back would at least seem credible.

The Fellowship of the Ring, LoTR Book 1, Ch 3, Three Is Company

The year is canon, but the date is selected to fall between when Gandalf arrives at Bag End (April 12) and when he departs (June 28).

Elena Tiriel 25Jul07

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