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Lobelia Sackville-Baggins dies

Event Type: Genealogical

Age: 3rd Age - Post-Ring War

Date: April 1, 3020


Lobelia Sackville-Baggins, daughter of Blanco Bracegirdle and Primrose Boffin, widow of Otho Sackville-Baggins and mother of the late Lotho Sackville-Baggins, dies:
Otho died in 1412, his son Lotho was murdered in 1419, and his wife Lobelia died in 1420.

The Letters of J. R. R. Tolkien, Edited by Humphrey Carpenter, Letter 214 to A. C. Nunn, 1958-59?

When the poor creature died next Spring — she was after all more than a hundred years old — Frodo was surprised and much moved: she had left all that remained of her money and of Lotho's for him to use in helping hobbits made homeless by the troubles.

The Return of the King, LoTR Book 6, Ch 8, The Scouring of the Shire

The year is canon, but the month is chosen to approximate the Spring season.

Elena Tiriel 16May10

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