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Mordor left unguarded

Event Type: Military/Strategic

Age: 3rd Age - The Kings

Year: 1640

An event in the Great Plague; see that entry for an overview:

1640 […] Mordor is left unguarded.

The Return of the King, LoTR Appendix B, The Tale of Years: The Third Age

Tarondor had the longest reign of all the Kings of Gondor (162 years), but was unable to do more than attempt to re-establish life and order within his borders. Owing to the fewness of his people the watch on Mordor was neglected and the fortresses guarding the passes became emptied.

The Peoples of Middle-Earth, HoME Vol 12, Part 1, Ch 7, The Heirs of Elendil: The Southern Line of Gondor: The Anárioni

Tanaqui 22Apr05, link to Great Plague overview added 25Apr05

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