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Gwaihir scouts the Anduin for Gandalf

Event Type: General

Age: 3rd Age - Ring War

Dates: February 17, 3019 ~ March 1, 3019


They were drawing near to the grey hill-country of the Emyn Muil....

[All] day high in the air flocks of birds had been circling.... Aragorn watched the flights doubtfully, wondering if... news of their voyage was now moving in the wilderness. Later as the sun was setting..., he descried... a great bird high and far off, now wheeling, now flying on slowly southwards.

'What is that, Legolas?' he asked, pointing to the northern sky....

'It is an eagle, a hunting eagle. I wonder what that forebodes. It is far from the mountains.'

'We will not start until it is fully dark,' said Aragorn.

The Fellowship of the Ring, LoTR Book 2, Ch 9, The Great River

Aragorn... ran to the summit.... Then sitting in the high seat he looked out. But the sun seemed darkened.... He... saw nothing save the distant hills, unless it were that far away he could see again a great bird like an eagle high in the air, descending slowly in wide circles down towards the earth.

The Two Towers, LoTR Book 3, Ch 1, The Departure of Boromir

The ridge upon which the companions stood went down steeply before their feet.... [The] green plains of the Rohirrim stretched away before them to the edge of sight.

'Look!' cried Legolas, pointing up into the pale sky above them. 'There is the eagle again! He is very high. He seems to be flying now away, from this land back to the North. He is going with great speed. Look!'

'No, not even my eyes can see him...,' said Aragorn. 'He must be far aloft indeed. I wonder what is his errand, if he is the same bird that I have seen before.'

The Two Towers, LoTR Book 3, Ch 2, The Riders of Rohan

'The eagle!' said Legolas. 'I have seen an eagle high and far off: the last time was three days ago, above the Emyn Muil.'

'Yes,' said Gandalf, 'that was Gwaihir the Windlord, who rescued me from Orthanc. I sent him before me to watch the River and gather tidings.'

The Two Towers, LoTR Book 3, Ch 5, The White Rider

The dates span the period from when Gwaihir bears Gandalf to Lórien to when Gandalf meets the Three Hunters in Fangorn.

Elena Tiriel 18Oct05

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