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Amon Hen

Type: Mountains, Hills, Promontories

Region: Other Middle-earth

Other Names
Hill of Sight
Hill of the Eye

Location: A peak on the western shore of the Anduin just north of the Falls of Rauros. It is the westernmost of the three peaks formed by Amon Hen, Tol Brandir, and Amon Lhaw.

Description: The Seat of Seeing, built by the ancient kings was upon Amon Hen, and it was from there that Frodo saw the signs of war inflicted upon the surrounding lands by Mordor.

"Aragorn led them to the right arm of the River. Here upon its western side under the shadow of Tol Brandir a green lawn ran down to the water from the feet of Amon Hen. Behind it rose the first gentle slopes of the hill clad with trees, and trees marched away westward along the curving shores of the lake. A little spring fell tumbling down and fed the grass."

"He came to a path, the dwindling ruins of a road of long ago. In steep places stairs of stone had been hewn, but now they were cracked and worn, and split by the roots of trees. For some while he climbed, not caring which way he went, until he came to a grassy place. Rowan-trees grew about it, and in the midst was a wide flat stone. The little upland lawn was open upon the East and was filled now with the early sunlight. Frodo halted and looked out over the River, far below him, to Tol Brandir and the birds wheeling in the great gulf of air between him and the untrodden isle. The voice of Rauros was a mighty roaring mingled with a deep throbbing boom."

"Soon he came out alone on the summit of Amon Hen, and halted, gasping for breath. He saw as through a mist a wide flat circle, paved with mighty flags, and surrounded with a crumbling battlement; and in the middle, set upon four carven pillars, was a high seat, reached by a stair of many steps."
FotR, Book II, Ch 10, The Breaking of the Fellowship

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