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Rammas Echor

Type: Fortresses, Towers, Defenses

Region: Gondor

Other Names
The Pelennor Wall
The Rammas
The out-wall

Location: The Rammas was an elongated semicircular wall. Enclosing the Pelennor Fields, it ran from the foot of the mountains on the north, belling out to come near to the Anduin on the east, and curving back west to run right beside the Anduin on the south at Harlond and then butting up against the mountains again.

Description: So the men of Gondor called the out wall that they had built with great labour, after Ithilien fell under the shadow of their Enemy. For ten leagues or more it ran from the mountains’ feet and so back again, enclosing in its fence the fields of the Pelennor: fair and fertile townlands on the long slopes and terraces falling to the deep levels of the Anduin. At its furthest point from the Great Gate of the City, north-eastward, the wall was four leagues distant, and there from a frowning bank it overlooked the long flats beside the river, and men had made it high and strong; for at that point, upon a walled causeway, the road came in from the fords and bridges of Osgiliath
and passed through a guarded gate between embattled towers. At its nearest point the wall was little more than one league from the City, and that was south-eastward. There Anduin, going in a wide knee about the hills of Emyn Arnen in South Ithilien, bent sharply west, and the out-wall rose upon its very brink; and beneath it lay the quays and landings of the Harlond for craft that came upstream from the southern fiefs.
RotK, Book V, Ch 1, Minas Tirith

There is mention of a north-gate in the wall, called Forannest.
War of the Ring, Part 3, VII, The Ride of the Rohirrim

Contributors: Lyllyn 6.04.03; Added "wall" Elena Tiriel 1.22.04; added out-wall: ET 8.27.04

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