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Ered Lithui

Type: Mountains, Hills, Promontories

Region: Mordor/Allies

Meaning: Ash Mountains

Location: The northern portion of the mountain chain that fenced Mordor on three sides. The Ered Lithui run east-west, and join the north-south Ephel Dúath at the Black Gate (Morannon)

Description: Before them, darkling against a pallid sky, the great mountains reared their threatening heads.
Upon the west of Mordor marched the gloomy range of Ephel Dúath, the Mountains of Shadow, and upon the north the broken peaks and barren ridges of Ered Lithui, grey as ash. But as these ranges approached one another, being indeed but parts of one great wall about the mournful plains of Lithlad and of Gorgoroth, and the bitter inland sea of Núrnen amidmost, they swung out long arms northward; and between these arms there was a deep defile.
TTT, Book II, Ch 3 The Black Gate is Closed

Contributors: Lyllyn 6.13.03

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