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Fords Of Isen

Type: Fords, Bridges, Crossings

Region: Other Middle-earth

Other Names
Crossings of Isen
Athrad Angren (Sindarin singular)
Ethraid Engrin (Sindarin plural)

Location: On the River Isen as it flows south from Isengard in the Gap of Rohan.

Description: Just above this westward bend were the Fords of Isen. There the river was broad and shallow, passing in two arms about a large eyot, over a stony shelf covered with stones and pebbles brought down from the north. Only here, south of Isengard, was it possible for large forces, especially those heavily armed or mounted, to cross the river.
Unfinished Tales, Part 3, Ch V, The Battles Of The Fords Of Isen

… they drew near to the Fords. Long slopes ran swiftly down to where the river spread in stony shoals between high grassy terraces. Borne upon the wind they heard the howling of wolves. Their hearts were heavy, remembering the many men that had fallen in battle in this place.
The road dipped between rising turf-banks, carving its way through the terraces to the river's edge, and up again upon the further side. There were three lines of flat stepping-stones across the stream, and between them fords for horses, that went from either brink to a bare eyot in the midst.
The riders looked down upon the crossings, and it seemed strange to them; for the Fords had ever been a place full of the rush and chatter of water upon stones; but now they were silent. The beds of the stream were almost dry, a bare waste of shingles and grey sand...
And they saw that in the midst of the eyot a mound was piled, ringed with stones, and set about with many spears.
TTT, Book III, Ch 8, The Road to Isengard

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