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Tower of the King

Type: Fortresses, Towers, Defenses

Region: Beleriand & North

Location: Gondolin. Near the King's Square.

Description: The Tower of the King stood near the King's Square in the center of Gondolin and was the highest point in the city. During the fall of Gondolin, Turgon made his last stand here. When Morgoth's dragons brought down the tower, Turgon and all of the men of the King's House who remained with him were killed.

"Behold, the tower leapt into a flame and in a stab of fire it fell, for the dragons crushed the base of it and all who stood there. Great was the clangour of that terrible fall, and therein passed Turgon King of the Gondothlim."

Source: "The Fall of Gondolin," from The Book of Lost Tales II.

Contributors: Zimraphel. 7/6/2003

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