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Type: Kingdoms, Realms, Lands

Region: Numenor

Meaning: Southeastlands

Location: The southeastern promontory of Númenor.

Description: The land of Númenor resembled in outline a five-pointed star ... from which extended five large peninsular promontories. These promontories were regarded as separate regions, and they were named Forostar (Northlands), Andustar (Westlands), Hyarnustar (Southwestlands), Hyarrostar (Southeastlands), and Orrostar (Eastlands). The central portion was called Mittalmar (Inlands)....

Unfinished Tales, Part 2, Ch 1, Description of the Island of Númenor

The promontories of the Hyarnustar and the Hyarrostar were splayed wide apart, and on those long shores sea and land came gently together, as nowhere else in Númenor. Here flowed down Siril, the chief river of the land ... that rose in springs under the Meneltarma ... and running through the Mittalmar southwards became in its lower course a slow and winding stream. It issued at last into the sea amid wide marshes and reedy flats, and its many small mouths found their changing paths through great sands; for many miles on either side were wide white beaches and grey shingles, and here the fisherfolk mostly dwelt, in villages upon the hards among the marshes and meres, of which the chief was Nindamos.

In the Hyarrostar grew an abundance of trees of many kinds, and among them the laurinquë in which the people delighted for its flowers, for it had no other use. ... From the days of Tar-Aldarion there were great plantations in the Hyarrostar to furnish timber for shipbuilding.

Unfinished Tales, Part 2, Ch 1, Description of the Island of Númenor

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