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Type: Rivers & Lakes

Region: Numenor

Location: The chief river of Numenor, flowing southwards from Meneltarma

Description: 'The promonotories of the Hyarnustar and the Hyarrostar were splayed wide apart, and on those long shores sea and land came gently together, as nowhere else in Numenor. Here flowed down Siril, the chief river of the land (for all others, save for the Nunduine in the west, were short and swift torrent hurrying to the sea), that rose in springs under the Meneltarma in the Valley of Noirinan, and running through the Mittalmar southwards became in its lower course a slow winding stream. It issued at last into the sea amid wide marshes and reedy flats, and its many small mouths found their changing paths through great sands.' A description of Numenor The Unfinished Tales

Contributors: Elithien 20.8.2003

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