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Type: Kingdoms, Realms, Lands

Region: Arnor/Eriador/Lindon

Location: Rhudaur was in the North-east and lay between the Ettenmoors, the Weather Hills, and the Misty Mountains, but included also the Angle between the Hoarwell and the Loudwater.

Description: Rhudaur became a separate realm when Arnor was divided into three in 861 as a result of dissension among the sons of Eärendur. The line of Isildur did not long rule in Rhudaur, perishing soon after the division.

By Argeleb's reign in Arthedain, 1349-1356, "the Dúnedain were few, and power had been seized by an evil lord of the Hill-men, who was in secret league with Angmar. " It was after that described as being home to "evil spirits."

During the time of the Ring War, the area that had been the Kingdom of Rhudaur contained the Trollshaws, the Coldfells, and the Angle. Note that Rivendell, east of the Loudwater (Bruinen), would not be included, instead lying about ten miles from the border with Rhudaur.

RotK, Appendix A, I, iii, Eriador, Arnor, and the Heirs of Isildur

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