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Type: Rivers & Lakes

Region: Mordor/Allies

Location: The Harnen begins on the southern slopes of the Mountains of Shadow (Ephel DĂșath) where they separate Mordor from Near Harad. It flows south-west, bending slightly at the Harad Road to flow nearly due west before emptying into the Bay of Belfalas.

It is located roughly halfway between Umbar and the mouths of the Anduin along the coast. The distance in either direction is approximately 100 miles.

Description: The Harnen appears to be the border between South Gondor (Harondor) and Harad. This river, at least in its northern portion, appears to have been the mark of the limits of Gondor's realm at its largest. While some of the coastland was taken and occupied by Gondor, the inland area was never made a part of Gondor. It is noted of the Haradrim: "They contested the designs of Gondor to occupy the coast-lands beyond R. Harnen; they therefore tried to take Umbar, where Gondor maintained a great fort and haven."
Peoples of Middle-earth, Part 1, Ch VII, The Heirs of Elendil

Contributors: Lyllyn 11.1.03

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