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Type: Kingdoms, Realms, Lands

Region: Other Middle-earth

Meaning: North land

Other Names Northerland, The Northern Waste

Location: The lands north of the line formed by the Grey Mountains (Ered Mithrin) and the Mountains of Angmar.

Description: Forodwaith is mentioned in Appendix A as the home of the Lossoth, the Snowmen of Forochel.

"These are a strange, unfriendly people, remnant of the Forodwaith, Men of far-off days, accustomed to the bitter colds of the realm of Morgoth. Indeed those colds linger still in that region, though they lie hardly more than a hundred leagues north of the Shire. The Lossoth house in the snow, and it is said that they can run on the ice with bones on their feet, and have carts without wheels. They live mostly, inaccessible to their enemies, on the great Cape of Forochel that shuts off to the north-west the immense bay of that name; but they often camp on the south shores of the bay at the feet of the Mountains."
RotK, Appendix A, I, iii, Eriador, Arnor, and the Heirs of Isildur, Footnote

Arvedui, Last-king of Arthedain, fled north after his defeat at the hands of the Witch-king and sought help from the Snowmen of Forochel.

Contributors: Lyllyn 2.6.04

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