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Front Gate of the Lonely Mountain

Type: Fortresses, Towers, Defenses

Region: Rhovanion/Misty Mtns

Location: Erebor

Description: “. . . none of us liked the idea of the Front Gate. The river runs right out of it through the great cliff at the South of the Mountain, and out of it comes the dragon too-far too often, unless he has changed.”

An Unexpected Party, pg. 30, The Hobbit

“. . . Thorin sent out a scouting expedition to spy out the land to the South where the Front Gate stood.”

On the Doorstep, pg. 216, The Hobbit

“In front there rose a tall arch, still showing the fragments of old carven work within, worn and splintered and blackened though it was. A misty sun sent its pale light between the arms of the Mountain, and beams of gold fell on the pavement at the threshold.

A whirl of bats frightened from slumber by their smoking torches flurried over them; as they sprang forward their feet slithered on stones rubbed smooth and slimed by the passing of the dragon. Now before them the water fell noisily outward and foamed down towards the valley. They flung their pale torches to the ground, and stood gazing out with dazzled eyes. They were come to the Front Gate, and were looking out upon Dale.”

Not At Home, pg. 254, The Hobbit

After the death of Smaug, the Thorin and his company blocked the Front Gate, that being the only entrance that Smaug had not blocked himself long ago (except for the small, secret passage). When the dwarves came out of the mountain for the Battle of the Five Armies, they used levers to remove part of the wall, since they had blocked the gate.

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