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Wold, The

Type: Mountains, Hills, Promontories

Region: Rohan

Location: An upland region in northeastern Rohan; a continuation to the west of the Brown Lands, but separated from them by the Undeeps of the Anduin.

Description: Sam looked from bank to bank uneasily. The trees had seemed hostile before ... [but] now he wished that the trees were still there. He felt that the Company was too naked, afloat in little open boats in the midst of shelterless lands, and on a river that was the frontier of war. ...

Soon the River broadened and grew more shallow; long stony beaches lay upon the east, and there were gravel-shoals in the water, so that careful steering was needed. The Brown Lands rose into bleak wolds, over which flowed a chill air from the East. On the other side the meads had become rolling downs of withered grass amidst a land of fen and tussock.

The Fellowship of the Ring, LoTR Book 2, Ch 9, The Great River

Ahead and eastward they saw the windy uplands of the Wold of Rohan that they had already glimpsed many days ago from the Great River. North-westward stalked the dark forest of Fangorn....

The Two Towers, LoTR Book 3, Ch 2, The Riders of Rohan


[2510 III, the Invasion of Calenardhon by Balchoth and Orcs:]
In the days of Cirion the Steward there came a great assault by the Balchoth, who allied with Orcs crossed the Anduin into the Wold and began the conquest of Calenardhon. From this deadly peril, which would have brought ruin upon Gondor, the coming of Eorl the Young and the Rohirrim rescued the realm.

Unfinished Tales, Part 3, Ch 2, Cirion and Eorl and the Friendship of Gondor and Rohan: Cirion and Eorl

[3019 III, the Invasion of Eastern Rohan by Orcs:]
'Hoom, well, that is fair enough,' said Treebeard; 'for to be sure Ents have played their part. ... For there was a great inrush of those, burárum, ... those vermin of orcs; and they came over the River and down from the North and all round the wood of Laurelindórenan, which they could not get into ...

And these same foul creatures were more than surprised to meet us out on the Wold, for they had not heard of us before.... And not many will remember us, for not many escaped us alive, and the River had most of those.'

The Return of the King, LoTR Book 6, Ch 5, Many Partings

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