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Caverns of Narog

Type: Valleys, Caves, Tunnels

Region: Beleriand & North

Other Names Nargothrond

Location: West Beleriand, south and west of the Ringwil and Narog Rivers

Description: "...the caverns were found and widened by the Petty-Dwarves, who called them the Nulukkizdîn. Finrod employed the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains to continue the work. So great was the task that the Dwarves named him "Felagund" - Hewer of Caves...
"In Nargothrond there were: several rooms used as armouries; a series of great halls in which Finrod, Celegorm, and Curufin addressed the populace; a small, deep chamber in which L├║thien was placed; a secret exit through which she escaped with Huan; and a great inner hall where Glaurung amassed his golden bed."
From The Atlas of Middle-earth, Revised Ed., p. 21

Contributors: docmon, edited 18 Sept 05

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